Manufacturing and Processing of Advanced Materials

Experimental studies on Mechanical characteristics of Bamboo Leaf Ash reinforcement with Aluminum 7075 alloy using Rotary Stir Casting Technique

Author(s): Murahari Kolli*, Dasari Sai Naresh and K. Ravi Prakash Babu

Pp: 169-182 (14)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815136715123010018

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Aluminium metal matrix composites are an exclusive class of materials that have improved performance parameters than their pure metal-based counterparts. These composites are widely used in structural, marine, aviation, defense and mining industries. Numerous synthetically derived hard ceramic reinforcements were widely researched for property enhancement of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites, but, the exclusivity and the economic concerns of the synthetic reinforcements paved the way for widespread studies of agro-waste-based and industrial waste based Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites. In the current study, Bamboo Leaf Ash, an agro waste derived ceramic reinforcement based Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite; Al 7075/Bamboo Leaf Ash is fabricated using the Liquid Metallurgy Stir Casting technique with varying volume percentages from 2% to 8% of reinforcements in the matrix by weight. Mechanical and Microstructural characterization of the metal matrix composite is performed to ascertain the degree of improvement in properties of the composite compared to the base metal. The results from the study confirmed that a sound composite with higher hardness and strength was obtained. The microstructural characterization also confirmed that the grain structure is significantly refined, leading to property enhancement. 

Keywords: Al 7075, Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites, Agro waste, Bamboo Leaf Ash, Rotary Stir Casting.

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