Industrial Applications of Soil Microbes

Volume: 2

Microorganisms and their Industrial Uses

Author(s): Meenakhi Prusty*, Ashish Kumar Dash, Suman G. Sahu and Neeraj Verma

Pp: 1-11 (11)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050264123020004

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For human beings, the diversity of microorganisms is still an undiscovered aspect. For the well-being of society, the huge microbial population performs many vital activities. Microorganisms play an important role in sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and human and animal health. Microorganisms have a major contribution to agricultural issues like crop productivity, plant health protection, soil health maintenance, and environmental issues like bioremediation of soil and water from many pollutants. In addition to these activities, microorganisms also produce many products, either directly or through industrial processes, which are essential for human survival. In this chapter, we deal with various industrial products that are produced by microorganisms through different reactions, like antibiotics, enzymes, natural food preservatives, vitamins, fermentation products, amino acids, and agricultural products.

Keywords: Antibiotics, Biopesticides, Enzymes, Fermentation, Microbial Biotransformation.

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