Brain Tumor Targeting Drug Delivery Systems: Advanced Nanoscience for Theranostics Applications

Theranostics Nanoemulsion for Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment

Author(s): Deepak Prashar*, Ram Kumar Sahu, Jiyauddin Khan, Oluwadunsin Iyanuoluwa Adebayo and Grace Fumilayo Adigun

Pp: 140-154 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079722123010008

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Cancer or malignancy is the most widely occurring ailment in the recent scenario. Brain tumor is considered to be one of the most fatal among all types of tumors. The brain-related tumors are numerous and need to be treated and diagnosed in different ways. The diagnosis of brain tumor is done by various methods like MRI, CT scan and neurological testing. In the recent past, a number of nanoemulsion formulations have been formulated and developed to treat and diagnose brain cancer. The present work presents the present status of anti-cancer drugs, the parameters related to their working and the advancement in technology.

Keywords: Brain tumor, Diagnosis, Malignancy, Nanoemulsion, Treatments.

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