Cerium-Based Materials: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Catalytic Applications of Cerium-based Materials

Author(s): Nisha Yadav and Vivek Mishra *

Pp: 30-69 (40)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815080087123010005

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


This chapter pivots on the employment of Ce-based catalysts in numerous catalytic applications glancing at the foremost commercial technologies due to their high abundance in the earth’s crust. Ceria in essence to their proficiency to harmonize Ce (III) & Ce (IV)-oxidation states depending on oxygen availability, which is known as oxygen-storage capacity, is at the heart of the potentiality of Ce-based materials to exemplify as a catalyst in numerous reactions. Ceria being one of the most auspicious materials in use since 1980 onwards, has strongly dilated to affect several processes for chemical transformations by and large for energy and environmental applications. In this chapter, we will review some of the ingrained applications of Ce-based catalysts and, we will try to display a brief rundown of emerging technologies in this ongoing field to encourage further reading.

Keywords: Aerobic oxidation, Cerium-based MOFs, CO-oxidation, Knoevenagel (toluene) oxidation, One-pot synthesis, ORR, Oxidation, Photo-oxidation, Reduction, Solid-base catalysts, Solvent-free aerobic oxidation, TWC application, Waste-water treatment

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