Phytonutrients in the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Cancer

Saponins in the Treatment of Gastrointestinal Tract Cancer

Author(s): Zunera Chauhdary, Muhammad Ajmal Shah*, Malik Hassan Mehmood, Uzma Saleem, Azhar Rasul, Ghulam Mujtaba Shah, Ajmal Khan, Ahmed Al-Harrasi, Shabnoor Iqbal and Shabana Bibi

Pp: 159-181 (23)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049633123010010

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The natural glycosides with triterpenoid or spirostaneaglycones are the saponins, which are associated with a wide range of therapeutic activities, inclusive of gastrointestinal anticancer activities. To promote research and development of novel cytotoxic agents against GIT cancer, this chapter focused on the anticancer potentia l of the naturally occurring triterpenoid and steroidal saponins. The in vitro assays and in vivo studies authenticated the anticancer potential of these compounds through antiangiogenic, anti-proliferative, anti-metastatic and anti-multidrug resistance activities. The protein targets and signaling cascades behind the anticancer effect of these compounds in GIT cancer are also discussed in this chapter.

Keywords: Anti-proliferative and Anti-metastatic, Gastrointestinal cancer, Signaling cascades, Signaling cascades., Target, Triterpenoid saponins.

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