Rare-Earth Metal Hexaborides: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

The Rare-Earth Hexaboride-Based Alloys

Author(s): Mikail Aslan and Cengiz Bozada

Pp: 81-93 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815124576123010007

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The rare-earth hexaboride can be both alloyed with alkaline earth hexaboride and rare-earth hexaborides. Both alloying types have different types of advantages. For example, large-size triple LaxCe1-xB6 single crystals produced by the floating zone method showed excellent field emission and thermionic emission characteristics. Thus, these types of alloys indicate superior performance (electronic, magnetic, excellent field emission, thermionic emission properties) when compared to their pure counterparts. 

Keywords: Alkaline earth materials, optical performance, the density of state.

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