On Generalized Growth rates of Integer Translated Entire and Meromorphic Functions

Some Growth Properties of Integer Translated Composite Entire and Meromorphic Functions on the Basis of (p, q, t)L-th Order and (p, q, t)L-th Type

Author(s): Tanmay Biswas and Chinmay Biswas

Pp: 65-71 (7)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123616123010007

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In this chapter, we establish some new results depending on the comparative growth properties of the composition of integer translated entire and meromorphic functions using (p, q, t)L-th order and (p, q, t)L-th type.

Keywords: Integer translated entire function, Integer translated meromorphic function, (p; q; t)L-th order, (p; q; t)L-th type.

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