The Polyandrous Queen Honey Bee: Biology and Apiculture

The Queen Honey Bee Morphology, Development, and Reproductive System

Author(s): Lovleen Marwaha

Pp: 57-66 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079128112010004

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The queen bee carries the same genetic information as worker bees. Still, the genomic expression is variable, eventually resulting in the development of an enormously sizeable female bee, with an enriched blend of pheromone possession, a comparatively long life span, better immunity, development, and physiology. Differential developmental patterns compared to the workers are due to the influence of royal jelly, ultimately inducing differential genomic expression. Furthermore, with profound pheromone secretion, the queen regulates the colony's development, differentiation, reproducibility, behaviour, communication, and task management. This chapter briefly describes honey bees' morphology, development, and reproductive system development.

Keywords: Anatomy, Physiology, Queen’s Morphology

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