Sustainability Studies: Environmental and Energy Management

A New Philosophy of Production

Author(s): Dragana Nešković Markić*, Predrag Ilić and Ljiljana Stojanović Bjelić

Pp: 1-37 (37)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815039924122010003

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The growth and development of society on our planet has caused a great consumption of natural resources and, on the other hand, the production of waste and other substances harmful both to human health and to the ecosystem itself. With this way of life, man has moved away from nature. Consequently, a system that functions contrary to natural laws has been established. With the new way of production, it is necessary to return to natural processes and sustainable technologies, clean technologies, and the use of renewable energy sources. The projection of sustainability in the future must be based on resource use restriction, material reuse and other principles of economic and environmental sustainability. This chapter will discuss the new approach to production and the product itself through the consideration of several different possibilities such as circular economy, industrial ecology, ecological economy, blue economy, biomimicry, cradle to cradle, cleaner production and regenerative design. The above-mentioned possibilities in production, design and the product itself aim to ensure that man functions in accordance with natural laws, and that we need to leave nature and the environment in a much better condition than we inherited.

Keywords: Biomimicry, Blue Economy, Circular Economy, Cleaner Production, Cradle to Cradle, Industrial Ecology, Regenerative Design.

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