Antibiotic Alternatives in Poultry and Fish Feed

Ginger as a Natural Feed Supplement in Poultry Diets

Author(s): Mohamed E. Abd El-Hack*, Ayman A. Swelum, Youssef A. Attia, Mohamed Abdo, Ahmed I. Abo-Ahmed, Mahmoud A. Emam and Mahmoud Alagawany

Pp: 33-51 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049015122010006

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Poultry ventures have progressed quickly over the last three decades. Therefore, curative or growth-promoting antibacterial agents have been utilized extensively. Because of increasing bacterial resistance towards antibiotics and, consequently, accumulation of antibacterial residues in chicken products and increased consumer’s demand for products without antibacterial residues, alternative solutions that could substitute antibiotics without affecting productivity or product quality should be attempted. Recently, natural replacements such as ginger, etheric oils, organic acids, garlic prebiotics, immune stimulants and plant extracts were used to improve productiveness, and body performance, prevent pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce antibacterial activity usage in poultry manufacturing. The utilization of a single alternative or a combination of variable replacements and perfect surveillance and flock health might improve the profits and sustain the productivity of poultry. This chapter aimed at summarizing the recent knowledge and information regarding the utilization of ginger and its derivatives as natural alternatives or supplements in poultry feed and their impacts on poultry productivity, meat and egg traits in addition to economic efficacy.

Keywords: Antibacterial, Ginger, Meat quality, Natural alternatives, Poultry, Productivity

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