Schrödinger's Cat Smile

Consciousness and Reality in the Oriental Tradition

Author(s): Sergey P. Suprun, Anatoly P. Suprun and Victor F. Petrenko

Pp: 143-172 (30)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049664122020011

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Two types of reality representations are possible-spacetime, describing reality as processes, which may be referred to as “object-based” and corresponds to our unconscious perception, and “subject-based”, which is associated with the integral time-independent experience inseparable into objects. The latter forms the foundation for oriental philosophy and is attainable using various psychotechniques. As has emerged, the description of different quantum states in physics requires an analogous approach and this congruence has been mentioned by many outstanding scientists.

Keywords: Consciousness, Nirvana, Quantum mechanics, Reality, Samsara, Space, Sunyata, Time

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