Challenges and Opportunities for Deep Learning Applications in Industry 4.0

Application of IoT–A Survey

Author(s): Richa Mishra* and Tushar

Pp: 25-40 (16)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036060122010004

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Internet of Things (IoT) is surely a term that gives us the thought that everything is related to the internet. IoT is an assembly of machines that can share and transfer data. In this way, IoT can make our lives more convenient and easy because no physical interaction is required between machines and humans. As there are so many benefits of this technology there arise some challenges too. In today’s scenario, humans rely very much on the smart applications of the IoT, which will affect our lives to the core. IoT is widely used to exchange information either remotely or locally with the help of sensors. These IoT devices can then process the information according to their needs and can take necessary steps as well. For example, IoT devices can sense the temperature and if the temperature rises above a certain level, they can act as actuators. This chapter provides us with an overview of the recent technologies in the field of IoT and to learn more about some of its very relevant applications. However, this document provides an opportunity for young researchers to gather more and more information about the Internet of things.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks.

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