Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning Approaches in Biomedical Engineering and Health Care Systems

E-Health System and Telemedicine: An Overview and its Applications in Health Care and Medicine

Author(s): Ranjitha Vijay Anand, Harshavardhini Parthiban, Karthikeyan Subbiahanadar Chelladurai, Jackson Durairaj Selvan Christyraj* and Johnson Retnaraj Samuel Selvan Christyraj *

Pp: 34-55 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681089553122010006

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


E-Health and telemedicine deliver health care and health-related services using medical informatics, telecommunication, and exchange of health care data across distant places. This is one small leap of information technology that allows all to access good health care. The key fact of telemedicine is electronic signals to transfer knowledge from one computer to another through videoconferencing among health care experts to provide better treatment and care. Since many indoor and outdoor patients require referral for specialized care in remote areas, telemedicine can deliver a better solution. In addition to that, it also provides quality, low-cost health care to the poorest individuals and the rural population, thereby it bridges the rural-urban health divide. It will help avoid unnecessary transportation and the potential to chop back health care prices by reducing the burden of ill health, the danger of complications, hospitalizations, continual events, and premature death and boosting the quality of life. Through this, the public can easily get medical consultation, diagnosis, and monitoring of their health records to get proper treatment, and also it is possible to get robotic surgery. Telemedicine and E-health alternatives are widely popularized in COVID-19 pandemics and will aid future public health crisis management. However, there is a need to educate and make awareness among the people, develop policies and infrastructure in the E-health system, and telemedicine to provide equal health care access to all and improve public health and medical care. Overall, this chapter discusses detailed information about the E-health system and telemedicine and its applications in the healthcare system.

Keywords: E-health, Health Care, Information technology, Remote areas, Telemedicine, Treatment, Video-conference.

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