Facets of a Smart City: Computational and Experimental Techniques for Sustainable Urban Development

Globalization of Sustainable Environment: A New Era

Author(s): Pala Gireesh Kumar and Y. Sahitya *

Pp: 159-180 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049077122010013

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Cities are powerful engines for globalization nourished by intensive social skills and sky-high concentrations of expertise. Environmental sustainability is discussed comparable to all parts of our lives – from making eco-homes and ecologically cognizant networks to sourcing sustainable food, sustainable power, low effect furniture, and apparel. This article presents a broad writing audit carried out and provides a comprehensive run-through in the field of sustainable environment in the matter of elementary foundations and inferences, importance and evolution, primary factors, the impact of environmental change, scope, materialize factual and technological runs also future arranging. The existing sustainable environment prototypes and their approaches have been analyzed in various pieces of literature and are also discussed and presented in this paper.This also aims to investigate the extent to which the concept of sustainability is linked to the preservation, reclamation, and adaptation of historic structures in the United Kingdom, before presenting a list of 15 guiding principles culled from a variety of sources by the author and his understudies and colleagues. They are sorted into five flawed but supportive categories. The study found that the applied theoretical exploration into sustainable cities hereafter is esteemed of high tolerance and significance. Adding to this, the suggested holistic approach is credited to be the predominant of all times. Not only are these, the sustainable activities that are visualized for better ecology are also given likely to reduce the amplified human warmth stress. This can be nullified by increasing vegetation mass in urban areas, which comes up with the Eva transpiration and shading benefits. This research study also focuses on presenting the Sixth mass extinction, issues, and its solutions operating in the various fields under the sun. The current study concludes that “Diversity is the key”. 

Keywords: Ecology, Eva transpiration, Sixth mass extinction, Diversity.

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