Advances in Combustion Synthesis and Technology

Combustion Synthesis of Boron Carbide Matrix for Superhard Nanocomposites Production

Author(s): Levan Chkhartishvili*, Archil Mikeladze, Roin Chedia, Otar Tsagareishvili, Mehmet Bugdayci, Idris Karagoz, Taylan Maras, Nikoloz Jalabadze and Vakhtang Kvatchadze

Pp: 66-95 (30)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815050448122010007

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Boron carbide creates a wide area of use thanks to superior hardness, high wear resistance, and melting temperature. In this study, the production parameters of this material and its various composites have been investigated by different methods. An effective two-stage production technology for nanocomposites based on boron carbide is suggested. First, boron carbide nanopowders are obtained by the combustion method, and then boron carbide based ceramic/metal-ceramic nanocomposites are produced by the joint sintering/milling/melting methods.

Keywords: Boron Carbide, Chemical Synthesis from Liquid Charge, Combustion, Hot Pressing, Melting, Milling, Nanocomposite, Reactive Sintering, Self-Propagating High Temperature Synthesis, Spark Plasma Sintering.

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