The Evolution of Radionanotargeting towards Clinical Precision Oncology: A Festschrift in Honor of Kalevi Kairemo

In the Wake of European Winds and Head and Neck Radioisotope Imaging

Author(s): Erkki Hopsu *

Pp: 146-151 (6)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681088655122010015

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


The first reported imaging studies with radio-labelled antibodies of head and
neck cancer patients were published at the halfway of 1980s. Started with polyclonal
anti-CEA antibody, the anti-CEA monoclonal antibody was followed shortly thereafter
in the radioimmunoscintigraphy imaging of head and neck tumor patients. Despite a
promising platform, the pilot-antibody studies in the latter part of the last millennium
have in the end, not yielded a clear advantage or benefit to support clinical decisionmaking
by RIS imaging method in head and neck tumors, neither in terms of diagnostic
imaging nor in terms of treatments. The investigated antibodies have not been shown to
be sufficiently selective in identifying head and neck tumors.

Keywords: Anti-CEA-antibody, Friendship, Head and neck Tumor, Immunoscintigraphy, Radioisotope.

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