Transpersonal Psychology: Altered States of Consciousness, Biofeedback, and Neurotechnology

A Biofeedback and Neurotechnology Cybertherapy System for the Support of Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Author(s): Raul Valverde

Pp: 161-178 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036459122010013

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Transpersonal psychology is the study of human nature that is based on the
assumption that humans have potentials that go beyond the limits of their ego and
integrate the spiritual experience into a broader understanding of the human psyche and
consciousness. Transpersonalists have used altered states of consciousness to aid
psychotherapy for decades. To support transpersonal psychotherapy, a
cyberpsychotherapy system is proposed. The system can be used to induce a nonordinary
state of consciousness, which transpersonal psychologists can use as a healing
tool to treat patients suffering from psychological issues, such as psychosis. These
treatment sessions can take place over long distances thanks to internet technology. The
cyberpsychotherapy system employs a quantum signal generator to induce altered
states of consciousness, which is based on Persinger's Koren Helmet (1983). This
therapy includes an EEG that acts as a biofeedback device to determine if the patient
has reached the desired level of consciousness. Furthermore, this EEG measurement
can be used to inform the adjustment of the signal generator frequency to improve the
patient's psychotherapy experience, if necessary. The cybertherapy system based on
neurotechnology and quantum biofeedback was tested on ten patients. To confirm the
system's efficacy, data was collected and analyzed. Although the results show that the
patients were unable to achieve the desired level of consciousness for the
psychotherapy, there was statistically significant evidence that the proposed system can
alter an individual's level of consciousness, which may help inform future designs
aimed at inducing the most conducive state of consciousness for psychotherapy.

Keywords: Altered states of consciousness, Biofeedback, Neurotechnology, Transpersonal therapy.

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