Transpersonal Psychology: Altered States of Consciousness, Biofeedback, and Neurotechnology

Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy

Author(s): Raul Valverde

Pp: 40-57 (18)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036459122010005

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According to transpersonal psychology, the psyche is multidimensional, and
there are several levels of consciousness, each with distinct characteristics and
governed by distinct laws. Transpersonal psychology does not exclude other schools of
thought, just as psychoanalysis does not arise as opposed. Transpersonal psychology is
the study of human nature and development based on the assumption that humans have
the potential to move beyond the ego's limitations. Transpersonal theory's main goal is
to integrate the spiritual experience into a broader understanding of the human psyche
and consciousness. The goal of this chapter is to introduce transpersonal psychology,
its history, the major contributors to the theoretical aspects of this modern psychology
viewpoint that combines spiritual and neurological aspects of the psyche and principles
of transpersonal psychotherapy.

Keywords: Consciousness, Origins of Transpersonal Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

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