Transpersonal Psychology: Altered States of Consciousness, Biofeedback, and Neurotechnology

Brain Waves and Consciousness

Author(s): Raul Valverde

Pp: 1-22 (22)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036459122010003

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Our brain works primarily with bioelectrical energy, and it is demonstrated
to be a machine of low frequencies. Our brain, in addition to processing information
that is recieved by the senses, is capable of emitting extra-sensory information received
via similar “electromagnetic waves.” It has been proven thanks to the EEG that the
brain emits waves of varying intensity and frequency depending on the mental state of
the person being observed. These mental states range from the state of stress with
Gamma Wave frequencies to states of deep sleep with Delta frequencies. The chapter
introduces the use of music, sound, hypnosis, and meditation to induce particular states
of mind that can help people achieve desired personal goals, such as learning, creativity
and relaxation as therapy anxiety and other mental illness.

Keywords: Brain Frequencies, Brain Waves, Inducing States of Consciousness, Music and Sound for States of Consciousness, Meditation and Consciousness.

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