Animal Models for Neurological Disorders

Behavioral and Non-behavioral Models of Depression: Current Scenario And Future Directions

Author(s): Sudha, Dinesh Dhingra*, Anil Kumar and Monu Yadav

Pp: 52-64 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815039689121010005

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Animal models help understand the possible pathways involved in a disease's pathophysiology, and they offer a significant test to screen the potential of a therapeutic compound. Depression is a chronic mental illness that affects the world's population widely. There are different behavioral and non-behavioral models of depression used in experimental animals to explore and understand the primary mechanism of depression. These models produce different types of depressive symptoms that can correlate with human depressive symptoms. This study highlights the stress and non-stress models by distinguishing the merits and demerits of models used for depression.

Keywords: Anhedonia, Behavioral models, Chronic stress, Depression, Nonbehavioral models.

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