Frontiers in Protein and Peptide Sciences

Volume: 2

Tools for Prediction and Validation of Epitopic Regions on Protein Targets for Vaccine Development and Diagnostics

Author(s): Soban Tufail, Majid Ali Shah, Maryam Zafar, Mazhar Iqbal, Amjad Ali, Aamir Shehzad* and Moazur Rahman *

Pp: 1-29 (29)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815036663121020003

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Epitopes are parts of an antigen that are recognized by the immune system. Identification of epitopic regions on an immunogenic protein is important for several clinical and biotechnological applications. Various bioinformatics tools are currently available which can be used for the prediction of epitopic regions, and the immune response generated against selected epitopic regions can be monitored through a variety of immunological techniques. In this chapter, we provide an overview of widely used in silico tools for the prediction of epitopic regions, followed by biophysical methods used for their characterization. Furthermore, a brief description of important immunological approaches for measuring immune responses elicited by epitopes is also given. It is anticipated that the information provided in this chapter will help researchers in selecting appropriate tools for the prediction and validation of epitopes on a protein target for vaccine development and diagnostics.

Keywords: Diagnostics, Epitope prediction, Protein targets, Vaccine.

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