Global Emerging Innovation Summit (GEIS-2021)

Systematic Review of BYOD Cyber Forensic Ecosystem

Author(s): Md. Iman Ali* and Sukhkirandeep Kaur

Pp: 62-76 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681089010121010010


Since the inception of Bring Your Own device (BYOD) a series of the study conducted in various segments of BYOD. The exponential growth of the adoption of BYOD technology increased the demand for research. As a result, academic researchers created a good amount of abstracts with new techniques and methods. This study article offers a systematic study of existing techniques and development on the BYOD cybersecurity ecosystem. The primary goal of this systematic review is to identify the existing research specifically on BYOD Cyber forensic ecosystem and grouping the techniques developed in various areas and summarized the findings. Post analyzing 8519 articles this study identifies the potential 18 research which contributes to enhancing the cybersecurity forensic ecosystem. Limitations of existing research are also identified which organizations need to mitigate to build a cyber secured Forensic BYOD environment. Finally concluded that BYOD Cyber secured ecosystem is indeed needed for the organization for enabling BYOD services so that due to the impact of cyberattacks in the BYOD environment business ecosystem does not get fragmented.

Keywords: BYOD, Cyberthreat, Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, Digital Forensic, Mobile Security.

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