How to Design Optimization Algorithms by Applying Natural Behavioral Patterns

How to Transform the Behavior in Nature into the Algorithm

Author(s): Rohollah Omidvar * and Behrouz Minaei Bidgoli *

Pp: 173-185 (13)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811459597121010007

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


In recent years, recognizing amazing resources in nature can be a way to formulate ideas for optimization problems. First, the ideas are selected in nature, and then the hidden purposeful behavior of these ideas is discovered and expressed as a systematic algorithm. Choosing and observing the order in animals and nature is an art, and researching them is a practical way of analyzing them. The most important part is that these behaviors must be selected in order and then formulated mathematically. This chapter will discuss some techniques for converting ideas into algorithms and a specific framework. Some of the important principles in converting behaviors in nature into mathematical equations are outlined in this chapter If one can find the best and easiest way to transform an idea into a mathematical equation in the form of an algorithm, then one can claim that an efficient algorithm is presented that can solve a complex problem. If some of the principles outlined in this chapter are followed, a good algorithm can be derived from a natural idea. This chapter introduces examples of nature-inspired algorithms presented by authors in recent years. These algorithms all use the source of nature, and the nature and behavior of some animals are the main basis of these algorithms. These algorithms show the orderly behavior of some natural animals and also show how this targeted order can be transformed into an algorithm. Understanding these algorithms can help the reader understand how to transform the idea of nature into meaningful equations. We present some examples of these algorithms in this chapter to familiarize the reader with the order in some natural animals. Also, in this chapter, we can understand how to transform this natural order into meaningful equations. These meaningful equations are introduced in the form of an optimization algorithm.

Keywords: Equations, Formulated, Ideas, Implemented, Mathematical.

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