Handbook of Mobile Application Development: A Guide to Selecting the Right Engineering and Quality Features

Reliability: Can a Mobile Application be Trusted in Many and Difficult Situations?

Author(s): Mohamed Sarrab, Hafedh Al-Shihi and Naveen Safia

Pp: 12-20 (9)

DOI: 10.2174/9789814998246121010005

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This chapter discusses the reliability of a mobile application as one of the main quality attributes. This chapter considers the stability of a mobile application in terms of providing a mobile application without errors in the script or unhandled exceptions, or any other types of crashes. The focus is on the ability of a mobile application to discover, adapt, prevent, and recover from any mobile operational issues. This chapter emphasizes the possibility of the mobile operation to recover after any fatal mistake and continue to use the same mobile application even after a serious problem. Besides, it focuses on data integrity and discusses different behavioral issues of the application, such as predictability, consistency, and trustworthiness.

Keywords: Behavioral Issues, Consistency, Data Integrity, Fatal Mistake, Mobile Application, Operational Issues, Predictability, Qualitative Characteristics, Reliability, Stability, Trustworthiness.

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