Frontiers in Ceramic Science

Volume: 3

Transport Properties of Semiconducting Glasses: A Review

Author(s): K. V. Ramesh and N. V. Krishna Prasad

Pp: 106-134 (29)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811478192120030011

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Research related to amorphous semiconductors in thin films has gained tremendous significance due to their applications in potential areas. Lead vanadate that belongs to the category of semiconducting oxide glasses has been studied to the extent of consideration. Apart from their application point of view, it is necessary to understand the physical properties of these materials. Taking into consideration wide variation in material composition, it is evident that large scope prevails in terms of research. Many laboratories were carrying extensive research on binary, tertiary mixed metal oxide glasses along with their derivatives/substitution of other metal oxides or transition of rare earth metal oxides was identified to suit for glass system showing considerable variation in physical properties if substituted for different applications. A review on these glass systems has been reported in this paper in particular transport properties of semiconducting glasses.

Keywords: Ceramics, Metal Oxides, Semiconducting Glasses, Transition, Transportation.

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