Frontiers in Ceramic Science

Volume: 3

Advanced Ceramics and Their Environmental Applications

Author(s): N. V. Krishna Prasad, M. S.S.R.K.N. Sarma, B. V. Rama, K. Niranjan and K. V. Ramesh

Pp: 66-79 (14)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811478192120030008

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Advanced ceramics are substances that are used for the preparation of ceramic materials with special properties. They are also called fine, engineering, high performance, high tech or technical ceramics. Traditionally, ceramics are known to be inorganic, non-metallic solids made of materials being powdered and then fabricated into material by applying heat which exhibit strength, hardness brittleness and low electrical conductivity. This chapter mainly deals with different types of advanced ceramics, their characteristics and their environmental applications.

Keywords: Environmental Applications, Technical Ceramics.

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