Recent Advances in Anesthesiology

Volume: 3

Tracheal Tube Introducers, Stylets, Exchange Catheters, and Staged Extubation Sets in Airway Management

Author(s): María Jesús Galán Arévalo, Javier Béjar García, Alicia Ruiz Escobar and Enrique Platas Gil

Pp: 74-88 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811432385120030011

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Introducers and stylets are two very useful devices for overcoming difficulties in airway management. In fact, they are the first option in many difficult airway algorithms. The design and use of these tools have evolved over the years, and several introducers and stylets are currently available on the market, with different indications and applications in daily clinical practice. Anaesthetists should be familiar with the different devices, characteristics and indications in order to ensure correct application in each situation [1].

Keywords: Bonfils, Bougies, Criteria for extubation, Difficult intubation, Exchange catheters, Extubation algorithm, Extubation complications, Extubation failure, Introducers, Intubation, Intubation aids, Laryngotracheal damage, Laryngospasm, Lighted stylets, Optical stylets, Paralysis of vocal cords, Periglottic damage, Pulmonary edema, Staged extubation sets, Stylets, Tracheal extubation.

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