Sex Steroids and Apoptosis In Skeletal Muscle: Molecular Mechanisms

Estrogens and Androgens Binding Sites in Mitochondria

Author(s): Lorena M. Milanesi

Pp: 73-79 (7)

Doi: 10.2174/9789811412363119010006

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Mitochondrial localization of estrogen and androgen receptors and hormone-responsive elements (EREs) was reported in different cell lines and indicated that these steroid hormones have specific actions on the mitochondrial gene expression and functions. Both steroids act through a complex molecular mechanism that involves crosstalk between plasma membrane, mitochondria and nucleus. One of the results of these interactions is mitochondrial protection. Here, we discuss studies that describe the estrogen- and testosterone-dependent actions on the mitochondrial and their implications.

Keywords: 17β− Εstradiol (E2), Aging, Mitochondria, Testosterone (T).

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