Classical Mechanics and Quantum Mechanics: An Historic-Axiomatic Approach

Conservation Laws

Author(s): Peter Enders

Pp: 159-165 (7)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681084497119010015

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The conservation law for the weight (probability) is sketched along Schrödinger’s (1926) standard way, where ΨΨ represents the weight (probability) density. In contrast, there are various expressions for the energy density. I pose the following requirements: (i), The change of total energy should be proportional to ∂Vext/ ∂t, as within CM (see principle CS1 in Subsection 2.5.4); (ii) the current (flux) density should exhibit the hydrodynamic form ‘density times velocity’

Keywords: Conservation of energy, Conservation of probability, Conservation of weight, Eeight flux density, Energy density, Energy flux density, Equation of continuity, Schrödinger, Weight density.

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