Recent Advances in Anesthesiology

Volume: 2


Author(s): Punita Tripathi

Pp: 104-147 (44)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681087238118020007

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Neuro-anesthesia involves the anesthetic management of neurosurgical patients based on pathophysiology of the central nervous system and the effects of anesthetic agents on the CNS. The anesthetic goal is to avoid secondary injury to the brain and limit the possibility of neurologic deficits in the postoperative period. It is also to provide a rapid wakeup (where appropriate), at the end of the case in order to test for any deficits. Awake craniotomy is used to increase lesion removal from the brain and also minimizing the damage caused to the eloquent cortex. A working scalp block is mandatory for the success of an awake craniotomy.

Keywords: Arnold Chiari, Awake Craniotomy, Cerebral Aneurysm, CNS Tumors, Infratentorial Tumors, Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease, Malformation, Neuroanesthesia, Scalp Block, Supratentorial Tumors, Traumatic Brain Injury.

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