HPV Infections: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment

General Description of HPVs

Author(s): Kimia Kardani and Azam Bolhassani

Pp: 1-7 (7)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681086170118010003

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Viruses are related to 15-20% of human cancers worldwide. Many studies focused on clarifying the molecular mechanisms and genetic alterations caused by oncogenic viruses. Among different oncoviruses, human papillomaviruses (HPVs) are small, non-enveloped, double-stranded DNA viruses, which can infect mucosal or cutaneous epithelia. Many HPVs have been classified as low-risk viruses associated with benign warts in the general population. Other HPVs entitled as the high-risk HPV types cause several important human cancers including cervical cancer, other anogenital cancers and head and neck tumors. A general description of HPV types and their association with different disorders are presented in this chapter.

Keywords: Cancer, Genome, Human papillomavirus.Cancer, Genome, Human papillomavirus.

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