A Journey Through Water: A Scientific Exploration of The Most Anomalous Liquid on Earth

A Journey Through Water - A Review

Author(s): Jestin Baby Mandumpal

Pp: 235-249 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681084237117010012

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Recent advances in computing and development of sophisticated experimental techniques have enabled us to make giant leaps in understanding the microstructure of water. The structure of water in normal temperature range is still shrouded in Continuum-Mixture model controversy while new characterisation methods are reported on yearly basis, leaving water an interesting and controversial theme for ever. A multifaceted approach, amalgamating social, economic, political, geographical and technological aspects, is required to alleviate the issues related to the scarcity of water to considerable extent. Centres have been established for performing cutting edge research on water across the globe in order to develop efficient technologies in response to chronic water scarcity. Molecular scientists can greatly contribute to the technological advances that could allay the problems related to fresh water, and influence the policy makers at various organisation levels.

Keywords: Gel, Moor’s law, Supramolecular chemistry, UNESCO, Water models.

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