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Current Mechanics and Advanced Materials


ISSN (Print): 2666-1845
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Research Article

Design, Fabrication and Performance Test of an Effective Body Armor

Author(s): Muhammad Ashiqur Rahman*, Tawsif Ur Rauf and Md. Sikander Ibrahim

Volume 3, 2024

Published on: 29 November, 2023

Article ID: e291123224022 Pages: 16

DOI: 10.2174/0126661845274408231113045800

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Aims: This original research paper targets an easy but efficient design and fabrication of a safe body armor along with a test bed with weapons to verify the armor’s effectiveness. Therefore, rigorous tests were to be performed & evaluate the findings.

Background: The most widely used armor piece is the torso-protecting overt (worn over the uniform or clothing) one. The main concern of this work was to design and develop such a stabresistant soft body armor made from readily available materials to protect against threats such as knives, blades, and sharp-tipped objects.

Objectives: From the Mechanical Engineering point of view, the present research goals for such an armor vest were: Low cost, moderately lightweight, comfortable, made from easily available materials, simple forward design, easy to fabricate, and the ability to adjust the level of protection without altering the primary design structure. The effectiveness of the vest needed to be verified through rigorous testing following relevant standards.

Methods: The prototype of the stab-resistant armor was fabricated with two different configurations and their performance was rigorously tested in accordance with the NIJ Standard-0115.00 to determine its level of protection. Nylon-based panel elements covered with rubber and cotton-based panels were compared in terms of their ability to stop stab threats. Taking into account the key point of strike energy levels during the stabbing, test beds were created in the laboratory to rigorously conduct the required tests. Blades of two types were made, attached with fixtures, and dropped on the armors (upon backing material) in the test bed.

Results: The ‘Complete Armor’ showed excellent performance against stab attacks. The tests revealed that the nylon-based panel elements covered with rubber were more successful in stopping stab threats compared to cotton-based panels.

Conclusion: The designed and fabricated prototype of the stab-resistant soft body armor achieved the desired level of protection against stab threats. The armor is also cost-effective, it can be fabricated using locally available materials, at a cost of only 10 USD compared to 300 USD for commercially available armor.

Other: However, it should be noted that stab resistance does not necessarily imply ballistic resistance, and no armor can provide invincibility against all types of threats.

Keywords: Complete body armor, stab-resistant, low-cost armor, blade types, strike energy, stab penetration.

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