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New Emirates Medical Journal

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Case Report

Traumatic Chylothorax due to Cervical Stab Wound: A Case Report

Author(s): Gabriela Karabachian Tebar, Rafael de Lima Silva, Thiago Gaspar, Vitor Hernandes Lopes, Vinicius Vertematti de Castro, Jose Mauro da Silva Rodrigues and Marcelo A. F. Ribeiro Junior*

Volume 5, 2024

Published on: 31 August, 2023

Article ID: e310823220568 Pages: 4

DOI: 10.2174/0250688205666230831143856



Background: Chylothorax corresponds to the incidence of chyle in the pleural space; it was described for the first time in 1633. Its most common cause is associated with iatrogenic injuries to the thoracic duct; 80% of them take place during surgeries, such as pneumonectomy or esophagectomy.

Case presentation: A case of an unusual cervical stab wound complication in a 23-year-old man who presented a late large volume chylothorax has been presented and discussed in this paper, as well as its management.

Discussion: The presented case demonstrates a rare complication after a cervical stab wound. The management of chylothorax can involve non-operative management, non-operative intervention, or operative management depending on the symptoms and duration. Usually, surgical interventions are required after two weeks of clinical treatment. The differential diagnosis in a post-trauma acute onset ventilatory manifestation is mandatory to rule out pulmonary embolism.

Conclusion: Traumatic chylothorax is a rare event; however, its morbidity and mortality rates can be catastrophic when it is not diagnosed early and when the treatment is not established based on a proper flowchart. Thus, dietary and drug-based clinical measures, interventional radiology, videothoracoscopy, and thoracotomy for thoracic duct ligation are valid therapeutic options for the proper management of these cases.

Keywords: Thoracic duct, Chylothorax, Cervical trauma, Chest X-ray, Stab wound, Pulmonary embolism.

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