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New Emirates Medical Journal

ISSN (Online): 0250-6882

Research Article

Preliminary Study of Kidney Transplantation from 2007-2019 in Isfahan, Iran

Author(s): Zahra Tolou-Ghamari*

Volume 5, 2024

Published on: 06 October, 2023

Article ID: e110823219685 Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/0250688204666230811142631



Background: The optimal treatment for the End- Stage Renal Disease(ESRD) is called kidney transplantation, which can typically improve quality of life and patient survival.

Aims: The aim of this investigation was to evaluate clinical and demographic data of kidney transplantation in a main tertiary hospital in Isfahan/Iran.

Objectives: The published articles confirmed that a successful kidney transplant reduces mortality. Consequently, for further challenges associated with the causes and outcomes, preliminary studies are crucial in a large population of kidney transplant.

Methods: From the database of hospital and transplant surgery notebook, the features such as, age, duration of surgery, the number of kidney donors (living person or brain death), and predisposing factors for ESRD were extracted and analyzed.

Results: A total of 688 kidney transplant recipients comprised of males (n= 473M) and females (n= 215) were considered for further analysis. Recipients received kidneys from 482 living and 206 cadaver donors. The mean age of donors versus recipients was 30.4 versus 43.7 years (p≤0.05) respectively. Operation time in the recipients of living versus cadaver donors was 3.7 versus 4 hours. Operation time from 5.5 (the year 2007) reached 3.7 hours (the year 2019). The number of cadaver donors was 3 (the year 2009) which reached at 19 (the year 2019).

Conclusion: In Isfahan, Iran, more than 50% of the population studied needed kidney transplantation around the age of 45 years, and the number of transplanted men was 2.2 times higher than the females. The mean duration of the operation was significantly reduced, and the number of brain death donors steadily increased. Further, remodelling and analyzing the data obtained from this initial investigation could facilitate resourceful decisions regarding practical aspects of kidney transplantation outcome.

Keywords: Transplantation, Kidney, Recipient, Brain Death, Operation, Donors.

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