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Review Article

Applications of Radiopharmaceuticals in the Treatment of Cancer: Recent Developments

Author(s): Priyanshi Goyal and Rishabha Malviya*

Volume 20, Issue 2, 2024

Published on: 07 September, 2023

Page: [154 - 165] Pages: 12

DOI: 10.2174/1573394719666230717103228

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An emerging safe and efficient targeted method of treating many different types of cancer is radiopharmaceutical treatment (RPT). RPT uses medications that either bind more selectively to cancer cells or accumulate through physiological processes to deliver radiation either systemically or locally. Nearly all radionuclides employed in RPT generate imageable photons, allowing for noninvasive visualization of the therapeutic agent's biodistribution. RPT has demonstrated efficacy with little toxicity when compared to practically all other systemic cancer treatment approaches. The tremendous potential of this treatment is finally being acknowledged as a result of the FDA's recent approval of many RPT medicines. The fundamental characteristics, clinical advancement, and related difficulties of RPT are covered in this review.

Keywords: Cancer, radiation therapy, cell cycle, radiopharmaceuticals, targeted therapy, cyclin-dependent kinases.

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