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New Emirates Medical Journal

ISSN (Online): 0250-6882

Case Report

A Case Report of Fibromyxoid Variant of Nephrogenic Adenoma of Prostatic Urethra: Morphology Mimicking Carcinoma

Author(s): Teresa Rovira and Emil Salmo*

Volume 5, 2024

Published on: 28 August, 2023

Article ID: e110723218621 Pages: 3

DOI: 10.2174/0250688204666230711090716



Background: Nephrogenic adenoma is an uncommon, benign, tumour-like lesion within the urothelial mucosa of the urinary tract caused by reimplantation and proliferation of the renal tubular cells that have been shed by chronic irritation of the mucosa of the urinary tract.

Case Study: We report a case of the rare fibromyxoid variant of nephrogenic adenoma in the prostate urethra. To the best of our knowledge, only a few cases have been described in the literature.

Conclusion: This tumour can have variable morphological patterns with occasional worrisome features that can mimic carcinoma of the lower urinary tract.

Keywords: Prostate, urethra, nephrogenic, adenoma, cancer., tumour

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