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ISSN (Print): 1872-2105
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Review Article

Recent Developments in Nano-Formulations Against Diabetes

Author(s): Swaralipi Choudhury and Prasun Patra*

Volume 17, Issue 4, 2023

Published on: 29 August, 2022

Page: [340 - 358] Pages: 19

DOI: 10.2174/1872210516666220622114505

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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a life-threatening metabolic syndrome, but patient compliance is poor due to the pain and inconvenience caused by the subcutaneous injection of insulin and other macromolecular diabetic therapies. Current challenges in DM management are to optimize the use of available therapies and reduce complications. For clinical improvements, future therapies need to be easier to use, achieving tighter glycemic control, better safety profiles, and reduced manufacturing costs. The medical applications of nanotechnology are enormous and have been proven to be the best approach to improve compliance and clinical efficacy by overturning biopharmaceutical obstacles. Nanoformulations enhance the properties of conventional drugs and are specific to the targeted delivery site. The aim of the present review is to provide an overview of the application of nano-formulations in diabetes management. We analyze the current state of most of the available approaches which are in various stages of research and development. Herein, we review the developing role of nanotechnology in diabetes management and focus on the technologies that we feel are most likely to have an impact.

Keywords: Diabetes mellitus (DM), nano-formulations, nanoparticles, nano-medicine, insulin delivery, nanodevices.

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