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Review Article

Melittin: A Natural Peptide with Expanded Therapeutic Applications

Author(s): Ruchi Tiwari*, Gaurav Tiwari, Akanksha Lahiri, Vadivelan Ramachandran and Awani Rai

Volume 12, Issue 2, 2022

Published on: 10 December, 2020

Article ID: e160921188997 Pages: 17

DOI: 10.2174/2210315510999201210143035

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Background: Apis mellifera, European honey bee venom (BV), is a complex combination of chemical compounds comprising proteins, peptides, enzymes, and other small molecules. Melittin (MEL), which is the key component of BV, is considered as an alternative for the treatment of various infections. MEL is an amphipathic, cell-penetrating, 26-residue, a-helical anti-hepatoma peptide derived from BV. However, owing to its initial conformational strength and poor stability, the use of melittin is constrained as a medication.

Objectives: The study focused on collective data of therapeutic activities of Bee venom component, MEL.

Methods: Regardless of its broad variety of biological and possible therapeutic uses, there has been increasing concern regarding the use of MEL. According to the literature, MEL revealed a variety of activities ranging from anti-cancer, antimicrobial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory to anti-diabetic activity. The present review article summarizes the therapeutic applications of MEL, their mechanism of action along with recent research progress in the field of its delivery.

Conclusion: It could be concluded that MEL exerts multiple effects on the cellular functions of infected cells.

Keywords: BV, Melittin, anti-cancer activity, anti-microbial activity, anti-viral activity, anti-inflammatory activity, anti-diabetic activity, mechanism of action.

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