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Volume 22 , 12 Issues, 2015

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Protein & Peptide Letters

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Prof. Ben M. Dunn
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Florida
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Amyloid-like Fibril Formation by Trypsin in Aqueous Ethanol. Inhibition of Fibrillation by PEG

Márta Kotormán, L. Mária Simon, Attila Borics, Márton Richárd Szabó, Kitti Szabó, Titanilla Szögi and Lívia Fülöp.

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Harsh Parikh, Priyanka Bajaj, Rajan K. Tripathy and Abhay H Pande.

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Investigating the effect of structural transition on aggregation of β-lactoglobulin

Bahareh Pourjabbar, Leila Hassani and Reza H Sajedi.

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A study of the relaxed mechanisms induced by novokinin in the isolated porcine coronary artery ring segments

PeiHan Xu, Ting Wang, Ling Li, Bo Zhang, ChenXi Wu, YaLi Yao and Zheng Zhang.

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Isolation and identification of a red pigment from the Antarctic bacterium Shewanella frigidimarina

Maria Luisa Martín-Cerezo, Eva García-López and Cristina Cid.

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Comparative Two-Dimensional Gel Electrophoresis of Trypanosoma cruzi Mammalian-Stage Forms in an Alkaline pH Range

Adriana D. Magalhães, Rayner Myr L. Queiroz, Izabela M. D. Bastos, Jaime M. Santana, Marcelo V. Sousa, Carlos André O. Ricart and Sébastien Charneau.

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Identification and characterization of two novel alpha-D-galactosidases from Pedobacter heparinus

Anna Kulinich, Si Liu, Hong-Yu Ma, Yong-Mei Lv, Li Liu and Josef Voglmeir.

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Opposite Effects of Lysophosphatidylethanolamines on Conformation of OmpF-like Porin from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis

Ludmila A. Davydova, Nina M. Sanina, Olga D. Novikova, Olga Y. Portnyagina, Svetlana I. Bakholdina, Peter V. Velansky, Natalia S. Vorobyeva, Valentina A. Khomenko, Valery L. Shnyrov and Mikhail V Bogdanov.

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Purification, characterization and in vitro application of a thermostable oxidant- and SDS-stable uricase from a newly isolated Bacillus firmus DWD-33

Essam Kotb.

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Analysis of Interactions and Dissection of Interfaces Involved in RNA-Protein Recognition

Pinak Chakrabarti and Sumit Biswas.

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Ranachensinin:a Novel Aliphatic Tachykinin from the Skin Secretion of the Chinese Brown Frog, Rana chensinensis

Yuxin Wu, Renjie Li, Jie Ma, Mei Zhou, Lei Wang, Timothy I McClure, Jiqun Cai, Tianbao Chen and Chris Shaw.

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Editorial: Protein Folding, Stability and Interactions

M Michael Gromiha.

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