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Volume 22 , 12 Issues, 2015

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Protein & Peptide Letters

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Prof. Ben M. Dunn
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Florida
College of Medicine
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Effect of Mg2+and Al3+ions on thermodynamic and physiochemical properties of Aspergillus niger invertases
Habibullah Nadeem, Muhammad Hamid Rashid and Muhammad Hussnain Siddique
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Characterization and cloning of an 11S globulin with hemagglutination activity from Murraya paniculata
Anamika Singh, Purushotham Selvakumar, Akhilesh Saraswat, Prabhat PS Tomar, Manisha Mishra, Pradhyumna K Singh and Ashwani Kumar Sharma
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Structure-Based Design of Mucor Pusillus Pepsin for the Improved Ratio of Clotting Activity/Proteolytic Activity in Cheese Manufacture
Jie Zhang, Yonghai Sun, Zhuolin Li, Quan Luo, Tiezhu Li and Tuoyi Wang
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Rifampicin Induced Aggregation of Ovalbumin: MaliciousBehaviour of Antibiotics
Naveed Ahmad Fazilia, Gufran Ahmad Siddiquia, Sheraz Ahmad Bhata, Mohammad Afsara, Mohammad Furkana and Aabgeena Naeem
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Stability of AspB28 insulin exposed to modified and unmodified polypropylene
Charlotte J. Fristrup, Katja Jankova, Ruya Eskimergen, Jens T. Bukrinsky and Soren Hvilsted
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Discovery and Biochemical Characterization of UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase from Granulibacterbethesdensis
Shuang Wei, Anna Kulinich, Xu C. Duan, Li Liu and Josef Voglmeir
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Effects of cofactors on conformation transition of random peptides consisting of a reduced amino acid alphabet
Ming-Feng Lu, Ying Xie, Yue-Jie Zhang and Xue-Yan Xing
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An Improved Integration of Template-Based and Template-Free Protein Structure Modeling Methods and its Assessment in CASP11
Jilong Li, BadriAdhikari and Jianlin Cheng
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An overview of Interleukin-17A and Interleukin-17 receptor A structure, interaction and signaling
Jelena Krstic, Hristina Obradovic, Tamara Kukolj, Slavko Mojsilovic, Ivana Okic-Dordevic, Diana Bugarski and Juan F. Santibanez
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Heterologous Expression of MeLEA3, a 10 kDa Late Embryogenesis Abundant Protein of Cassava, Confers Tolerance to Abiotic Stress in Escherichia coli with Recombinant Protein Showing in vitro Chaperone Activity
Nicolle Louise Ferreira Barros, Diehgo Tuloza da Silva, Deyvid Novaes Marques, Fabiano Melo de Brito, Savio Pinho dos Reis and Claudia Regina Batista de Souza
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Unfolding and refolding study of a large dimeric protein β-glucosidase from Almond monitored by fluorescence spectroscopy
Kanti K Yadav and Subhankar Paul
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Recapturing the Correlated Motions of Protein Using Coarse-Grained Models
Yan Lu and Freddie R. Salsbury Jr.
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Prevention of serum albumin glycation/fibrillation by β-cyclodextrin functionalized magnetic nanoparticles
Mojtaba Ansari, Mehran Habibi-Rezaei, Soheila Salahshour-Kordestani, Ali Akbar Moosavi Movahedi and Najmeh Poursasan
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Mechanistic Basis Of Peptide-Protein Interaction In AtPep1-PEPR1 Complex In Arabidopsis thaliana
Upadhyayula Surya Raghavender and Ramanathan Sowdhamini
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Stabilization of Human Serum Albumin against Urea Denaturation by Diazepam and Ketoprofen
Pralad Manoharan, Yin How Wong and Saad Tayyab
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Cloning of a Novel Feruloyl Esterase from Rumen Microbial Metagenome for Substantial Yield of Mono- and Diferulic Acids from Natural Substrates
Dominic W. S. Wong, Gary Takeoka, Victor J. Chan, Hans Liao and Mario T. Murakami
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HIV-Enhancing Factors are Secreted by Reproductive Epithelia Upon Inoculation with Bacterial Vaginosis-Associated Bacteria
Alexander M. Cole, Colleen R. Eade, Camila Diaz, Sixue Chen and Amy L. Cole
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Purification, characterization and in vitro application of a thermostable oxidant- and SDS-stable uricase from a newly isolated Bacillus firmus DWD-33
Essam Kotb
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New Insight on the Synthesis of Neurotoxins Domoic Acid and Kainic Acid
Adriano Mollica, Roberto Costante, Azzurra Stefanucci and Ettore Novellino
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Analysis of Interactions and Dissection of Interfaces Involved in RNA-Protein Recognition
Pinak Chakrabarti and Sumit Biswas
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Ranachensinin:a Novel Aliphatic Tachykinin from the Skin Secretion of the Chinese Brown Frog, Rana chensinensis
Yuxin Wu, Renjie Li, Jie Ma, Mei Zhou, Lei Wang, Timothy I McClure, Jiqun Cai, Tianbao Chen and Chris Shaw
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Editorial: Protein Folding, Stability and Interactions
M. Michael Gromiha
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