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Volume 22 , 12 Issues, 2015

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Protein & Peptide Letters

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Prof. Ben M. Dunn
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Florida
College of Medicine
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Fused hydrophobic elastin-like-peptides (ELP) enhance biological activity of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)

Kaizong Huang, Ningjun Duan, Wenyan Zou, Chunmei Zhang, Yueyang Lai, Pingping Shen and Zichun Hua.

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Improvement of Antimicrobial Activity of Pediocin PA-1 by Site-directed Mutagenesis in C-terminal Domain

Lin Sun, Song Hui and Wen Zheng.

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Molecular Mechanism of the Affinity Interactions between BAFF and Its Peptides by Molecular Simulations

Xuegang Fu, Liyan Xuan, Yuzhe Wang, Jing Wei and Jian Sun.

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Determination of specificity and biochemical characteristics of neutral protease isolated from Myceliophthora thermophile

Youssef Ali Abou Hamin Neto, Lilian Caroline Gonçalves de Oliveira, Arthur H. C. de Oliveira, José C. Rosa, Maria Aparecida Juliano, Luiz Juliano, André Rodrigues and Hamilton Cabral.

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Stabilization of human immunoglobulin G encapsulated within biodegradable Poly (cyclohexane-1, 4-diyl acetone dimethylene ketal) (PCADK)/ Poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) blend microspheres

Chenhui Wang, Changhui Yu, Jiaxin Liu, Fengying Sun, Lesheng Teng and Youxin Li.

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Integrating qualitative and quantitative tools for the detection and identification of lectins in major human diseases

Ghulam Md Ashraf, Asma Perveen, Syed Kashif Zaidi, Shams Tabrez, Shazi Shakil, Ausaf Ahmad, Rizwanul Haque, Jawaid Ahsan and Mohammad Amjad Kamal.

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Studies on antifungal potential, primary characterization and mode of action of a de novo cytoplasmic protein (EAF) from human commensal Escherichia coli against Aspergillus spp.

Meenakshi Balhara, Sonam Ruhil, Sandeep Dhankhar and AK Chhillar.

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Purification, characterization and in vitro application of a thermostable oxidant- and SDS-stable uricase from a newly isolated Bacillus firmus DWD-33

Essam Kotb.

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Analysis of Interactions and Dissection of Interfaces Involved in RNA-Protein Recognition

Pinak Chakrabarti and Sumit Biswas.

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Ranachensinin:a Novel Aliphatic Tachykinin from the Skin Secretion of the Chinese Brown Frog, Rana chensinensis

Yuxin Wu, Renjie Li, Jie Ma, Mei Zhou, Lei Wang, Timothy I McClure, Jiqun Cai, Tianbao Chen and Chris Shaw.

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Editorial: Protein Folding, Stability and Interactions

M Michael Gromiha.

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