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Volume 12, 8 Issues, 2016

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Medicinal Chemistry

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Non-imidazole histamine H3 ligands. Part VI. Synthesis and preliminary pharmacological investigation of thiazole-type histamine H3-receptor antagonists with lacking a nitrogen nucleus in the side chain

Roman Guryn, Marek Staszewski, Piotr Kopczacki and Krzysztof Walczyński.

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Benzoflavonoids structure hinders human colon cancer clonogenicity

Yeonjoong Yong, Eun Jee Koh, Seunghyun Ahn, Beom Soo Kim, Young Lee, Soon Young Shin and Yoongho Lim.

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Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of Some 4,6-Dimethylisoxazolo[3,4-b]pyridin-3(1H)-one Derivatives

Jarosław Sączewski, Joanna Fedorowicz, Anna Kędzia, Marta Ziółkowska-Klinkosz and Aleksandra Jalińska.

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cis-2-Alkenoic acids as promising drugs for the control of biofilm infections

Kamila Tomoko Yuyama and Wolf-Rainer Abraham.

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Antimicrobial Activity of Synthesized 2-Methylthiobenzo[g][1,2,4]-triazolo[1,5-a]quinazoline Derivatives

Rashad Al-Salahi, Hatem A. Abuelizz, Mahasin Wadi, Rabab A. El Dib and Mohamed Marzouk.

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Alex Gregorelli, Anna Sgarbossa, Shahbaz Khan, Annunziata Soriente, Margherita De Rosa, Carmela Saturnino and Marta Menegazzi.

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Synthesis and Biological Evaluations of Cytotoxic and Antiangiogenic Triterpenoids-Jacaranone Conjugates

Hua Sun, Partick Y. K. Yue, Shao-Rong Wang, Lihong Huo, Ying Zhao, Songbo Xie, Jens Vindahl Kringelum, Ole Lund, Olivier Taboureau, Jun Zhou, Ricky N. S. Wong and Wei-Shuo Fang.

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New hopes in cancer battle - a review of new molecules and treatment strategies

Marika Turek, Magdalena Krzyczmonik and Piotr Bałczewski.

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Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis of Heterocycles in Aqueous Media: Recent Advances in Medicinal Chemistry

Francesco Frecentese, Irene Saccone, Giuseppe Caliendo, Angela Corvino, Ferdinando Fiorino, Elisa Magli, Elisa Perissutti, Beatrice Severino and Vincenzo Santagada.

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Synthesis, Anticlotting and Antiplatelet Effects of 1,2,3-Triazoles Derivatives

Laura de Andrade Moura, Ana Carolina Marqui de Almeida, Andreza Vieira da Silva, Vivian Rodrigues de Souza, Vitor Francisco Ferreira, Michel Vieira Menezes, Carlos Roland Kaiser, Sabrina Baptista Ferreira and André Lopes Fuly.

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Synergistic Effect of the Combination of Novel Suberoylanilide Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives with Cisplatin on Anti-proliferation of Human Cancer Cells

Rui Xie, Jinghua Shi, Chunhui Cheng, Fan Yun, Xia Liu, Pingwah Tang, Xinying Wu, Ming Yang and Qipeng Yuan.

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Integrated In Silico-In Vitro Discovery of Lung Cancer-related Tumor Pyruvate Kinase M2 (PKM2) Inhibitors

Xiangyun Ye, Yinjia Sun, Yunhua Xu, Zhiwei Chen and Shun Lu.

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Synthesis of cyclic imides (methylphtalimides, carboxylic acid phtalimides and itaconimides) and evaluation of their antifungal potential

Dorimar Stiz, Rogério Corrêa, Felicia Diodata D'Auria, Giovanna Simonetti and Valdir Cechinel-Filho.

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An Evaluation on Different Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification and Prediction of Antifungal Peptides

Maryam Mousavizadegan and Hassan Mohabatkar.

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Synthesis and Biological Activities of Lanthanide (III) Nitrate Complexes with N-(2-hydroxynaphthalen-1-yl) methylene) Nicotinohydrazide Schiff Base

Ahmed K. Hijazi, Ziyad A. Taha, Abdulaziz M. Ajlouni, Waleed M. Al-Momani, Idris M. Idris and Eman Abu Hamra.

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