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Volume 12, 10 Issues, 2015

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Letters in Organic Chemistry

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Miguel Yus
Universidad de Alicante Apdo

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Rapid One Pot Synthesis of Benzoimidazoles Using MnO2 Nanoparticles Supported on Silica as Efficient Oxidant Agent under Solvent-Free Conditions
Hossein Naeimi and Zahra Babaei
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One-pot Synthesis of 5-Alkoxy-4-Amino-3-Halo-2(5H)-Furanones Containing Benzimidazole Moiety in the Absence of Metal Catalyst
Pai Peng, Min-Hua Feng, Jie Shi, Jia-Li Zheng, Yan-Cheng Wu, Zhao-Yang Wang and Ren-Hong Chen
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A New Index for the Estimation of the Aromatic Character – V
Maurizio D'Auria
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Synthesis and Biological Activity of N-Aminoethyl-Terpinene-Maleimide-Based Thiourea Compounds
Lu-zhi Liu, Jing-ni Liao, Wen-gui Duan, Gui-shan Lin and Fu-hou Lei
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New Chalcones Containing 5-Fluorouracil Exhibiting in vitro Anti-Cancer Activity
Luu Van Chinh, Truong Ngoc Hung, Nguyen Thi Nga, Le phong, Le Huu Cuong, Vu Tien Chinh, Soo Un Kim and Tran Khac Vu
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Synthesis and Antitumour Activity of 4-(2-Adamantyl)phenylalkylamines
Ioannis Papanastasiou, Stefanos Riganas, George B. Foscolos, Andrew Tsotinis, Samar A. Akhtar, Mohsin A. Khan, Khondaker M. Rahman and David E. Thurston
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The Effect of Solvent on Tautomerization of 4-bromoSubstituted 1H-Pyrazoles : Density Functional Theory Study
Mohsen Sargolzaei and Mahdi Afshar
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Synthesis of Bis(Indolyl) Methanes Catalyzed by Triethylborane
J. Pablo Garcia Merinos, Heraclio Lopez Ruiz, Yliana Lopez and Susana Rojas Lima
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Regioselective Friedel–Crafts Acetylations of 2-Acetylanthracene
Tahani Mala'bi, Sergey Pogodin and Israel Agranat
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Synthesis of Some New Benzimidazole Derivatives with Their Antioxidant activities
Asu Usta, Fatih Yılmaz, Gulbahar Kapucu, Nimet Baltas and Emre Mentese
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Structural Insights Into Bioactive Thiazolidin-4-one: Experimental and Theoretical Data
Marcos Veríssimo de Oliveira Cardoso, Marcelo Zaldini Hernandes, Diogo Rodrigo Magalhaes Moreira, Frederico Jose de Santana Pontes, Carlos Alberto de Simone and Ana Cristina Lima Leite
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Copper (0) Catalyzed C-N Coupling Approach for the Synthesis of Thiourea Linked Quinoline Analogues Using Aqueous Media: Rationale and Biological Study
Dhruvin R. Shah, Harshad P. Lakum and Kishor H. Chikhalia
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Sodium Benzenesulfinates: Novel and Effective Organo Catalyst for Three Component Synthesis 5, 6, 7, 8-Tetrahydro-4H-chromene Derivatives Under Ultrasound Irradiation
Mehdi Abaszadeh and Mohammad Seifi
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Synthesis and Electro-Optical Evaluation of 2, 6-Bis (Arylethynyl) Anthraquinones
Anusha Tumuluri, Bhanupriya Khanna, Ammar Altalib and Kevin D. Revell
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A Green and Efficient One-pot Synthesis of 1, 2, 3-Trisubstituted Pyrroles via Iodine-Catalyzed Tandem Reaction
Pengfei Xu, Kunzhu Huang, Dongsheng Cao and Wenbin Zeng
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Study on the Aromatic Transesterification Reaction Catalyzed by Phosphotungstic Acid
Hong-Qiang He, Yu-Wei Chang and Wei-Ming Xu
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Fe Doped ZnO Nanocrystalline Powder: Efficient and Facile Catalyst for One-Pot Synthesis of Propargylamines by Three-Component Coupling of Aromatic Aldehydes, Secondary Amines and Phenyl Acetylenes
Heshmatollah Alinezhad, Sahar Mohseni Tavakkoli, Pourya Biparva and Yaghoub Sarrai
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An Improved and Simple Route for the Synthesis of 3-Quinuclidinone Hydrochloride
Jigar Y.Soni, V. Premasagar and Sonal Thakore
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Synthesis of Cyclopentadienones using Multicomponent Reactions of Primary Amines and Electron Deficient Acetylenic Compounds with Triphenylphosphine in Water
Samereh Seyfi, Faramarz Rostami-Charati, Zinatossadat Hossaini and Mohammad R. Zardoost
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Green one-pot synthesis of primary sulphonamides in water
Davood Azarifar and Fatemeh Soleimanei
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