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Volume 11, 10 Issues, 2014

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Letters in Drug Design & Discovery

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Docking Study of Novel Pyrrolidine Derivatives as Potential Dipeptidyl Peptidase-Iv (Dpp-Iv) Inhibitors
Sant Kumar Verma, Shashi Kant Sharma and Suresh Thareja
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Role of Curcumin in Modulating Plasma PON1 Arylesterase Activity and Susceptibility to LDL Oxidation in Oxidatively Challenged Wistar Rats
Prabhakar Singh and Syed Ibrahim Rizvi
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The Synthesis of Risedronic Acid and Alendronate Applying Phosphorus Oxychloride and Phosphorous Acid in Methanesulfonic Acid
Alajos Grun, Rita Kovacs, Sandor Garadnay, Istvan Greiner and Gyorgy Keglevich
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3D-QSAR and Docking Studies on 2-Acyliminobenzimidazoles Derivatives as Potent ALK Inhibitors
Qianqian Lv, Zhi Wang, Zhonghua Wang, Fanhong Wu and Liping Cheng
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Biological Effect of Glycosyl-Oxadiazolinethione and Glycosyl-Sulfanyl-Oxadiazole Derivatives through Their in Vitro Inhibition of Glycosidases from Bacteria and Normal or Diabetic Rats
Mahmoud Balbaa, Aseel Shibli, Riham Hosna, Hoda Yusef, Ahmed T. A. Boraei and El Sayed H. El Ashry
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The Disulfide Analogues of Isophosphoramide Mustard for Anticancer Therapy
Joanna Cytarska, Krzysztof Skowerski, Szymon Jaworski, Konrad Misiura, Beata Filip-Psurska and Joanna Wietrzyk
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6, 7-Dimethoxyquinazolines as Potential Cytotoxic Agents: Synthesis and in Vitro Activity
Mange Ram Yadav, Bishram Singh Chauhan, Prashant Naik, Hardik Gandhi and Rajani Giridhar
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Synthesis and Biological Activity of Acylthiourea Derivatives Contain 1,2,3-Thiadiazole and 1,3,4-Thiadiazole
Ming-Yan Yang, Wen Zhao, Zhao-Hui Sun, Cheng-Xia Tan, Jian-Quan Weng and Xing-Hai Liu
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Development of Structure Activity Correlation Model on Azetidin-2-ones as Tubulin Polymerization Inhibitors
Vijay K. Patel, Kavibhushan S. Chouhan, Avineesh Singh, Deepak K Jain, Ravichandran Veerasamy, Pradeep K. Singour, Rajesh S. Pawar and Harish Rajak
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Synthesis and Biological Evaluations of Novel Nitric Oxide-donating Derivatives of [1,2,4]triazol-5(4H)-one with N-phenylpyrrolyl-2-tetrazole Moiety as Anti-hypertension Candidates
Yanchun Zhang, Jinyi Xu, Jinpei Zhou and Xiaoming Wu
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Phenylacrylamides as Novel FtsZ-Targeted Potential Antimicrobials
Xin Li, Juzheng Sheng, Di Song, Liwei Guo and Shutao Ma
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First Discovery of Tylophora Alkaloids as HIV Inhibitors
Ziwen Wang, Mingxiao Wang, Lei Wang, Xue Yao, Yue Li, Juan Tan, Wentao Qiao, Yunqi Geng, Yuxiu Liu and Qingmin Wang
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The Novel Derivatives of 3-(Iminomethyl)-2H-Chromen-2-one with Thiourea and Piperazine Structural Motive:Rationale, Synthesis, Antimicrobial and Anti-TB Evaluation
Harshad P. Lakum, Dhruvin R. Shah and Kishor H. Chikhalia
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Synthesis, Antimicrobial and Pharmacological Evaluation of Thioureaderivativesof 4H-1, 2, 4-Triazole
Anna Bielenicaa, Ewa Kedzierska, Sylwia Fidecka, Hanna Maluszynska, Barbara Miroslaw, Anna E. Koziol, Joanna Stefanska, Silvia Madeddu, Gabriele Giliberti, Giuseppina Sanna and Marta Struga
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Computer-Aided Identification of Novel DprE1 Inhibitors as Potential Anti-TB Lead Compounds: A Hybrid Virtual-Screening and Molecular Dynamics Approach
Yushir Maharaj, Soumendranath Bhakat and Mahmoud E. S. Soliman
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Identification of Pyrazole Derivative as an Antiviral Agent Against Chikungunya Through HTVS
Surender Singh Jadav, Barij Nayan Sinha, Boris Pastorino, Xavier de Lamballerie, Rolf Hilgenfeld and Venkatesan Jayaprakash
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Acyl Thiourea Derivatives Containing Pyrazole Ring Selective Targeting of Human Aurora Kinases in Breast and Bone Cancer
Aykut Ozgür, Eren Yenidunya, Irfan Koca and Yusuf Tutar
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Hybrid Pharmacophore Design and Synthesis of Naphthalimide-Benzimidazole Conjugates asPotential Anticancer Agents
Ahmed Kamal, Pogula Praveen Kumar, Mohammed Naseer Ahmed Khan, Bobburi Naga Sheshadri and Olepu Srinivas
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Synthesis of New and Known Dicoumarols in Aqueous Media: a Green and Convenient Procedure Promoted by Titanium (IV) Oxide Nanoparticles
Saeed Khodabakhshi, Mozhgan Shahamirian and Mojtaba Baghernejad
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An Improved Synthesis of (Z)-2-(5-Amino-1, 2, 4-thiadiazol-3-yl)-2- (Ethoxyimino) Acetic Acid
Songqing Wang, Yi Yao, Kai Chen, Zhujun Fang, Lexian Tong and Weihui Zhong
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An Efficient and Green Synthesis of Flavones Using Natural Organic Acids as Promoter Under Solvent-free Condition
Nitin M. Thorat, Santosh R. Kote and Shankar R. Thopate
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Balkrishna Bhamare, Sukriti Singh, Bhanu C. Rudra, Amit Kumar and Sabbir Ahmed
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