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Current Pharmaceutical Design

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Antiepileptic Drugs Based on the α-Substituted Amide Group Pharmacophore: From Chemical Crystallography to Molecular Pharmaceutics

Arcadius V Krivoshein.

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Metabolic Features Across The Female Life Span In Women With PCOS

Teresa Sir-Petermann, Bárbara Echiburú, Nicolás Crisosto, Manuel Maliqueo and Francisco Pérez Bravo.

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Adrenal Hyperandrogenism and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Manuel Luque-Ramírez and Héctor F Escobar-Morreale.

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Hirsutism in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Pathophysiology and Management

Poli Mara Spritzer, Carolina Rocha Barone and Fabiana Bazanella de Oliveira.

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Current Insights about Inositol Isoforms, Mediterranean and Ketogenic Diets for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: From Bench to Beside

Giovanna Muscogiuri, Stefano Palomba, Antonio Simone Laganà and Francesco Orio.

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Strategies that Target Tight Junctions for Enhanced Drug Delivery

Lorenza González-Mariscal, Yanahi Posadas-Torrentera, Jael Miranda, Perla Uc, José Mario Ortega-Olvera and Sandra Hernández.

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Enkephalin-Fentanyl Multifunctional Opioids as Potential Neuroprotectants for Ischemic Stroke Treatment

Mohammad R. Islam, Li Yang, Yeon Sun Lee, Victor J. Hruby, Vardan T. Karamyan and Thomas J Abbruscato.

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Development of Novel miRNA-based Vaccines and Antivirals against Enterovirus 71

Isabel Yee Pinn Tsin and Poh Chit Laa.

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Polyphenol-Related Epigenetic Modifications in Osteoarthritis: Current Therapeutic Perspectives

Consuelo Arias, Tomás Zambrano, Dulcineia S.P. Abdalla and Luis A Salazar.

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Structural Aspects of Solid Solutions of Enantiomers

Clément Brandel, Samuel Petit, Yohann Cartigny and Gérard Coquerel.

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Cardiovascular Risk in the Different Phenotypes of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Konstantinos Tziomalos.

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Insulin Resistance and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Paolo Moghetti.

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Biodegradable Sustained Release Formulations for Systemic Delivery of Protein and Peptide Therapeutics

Rahela Zaman and Ezharul Chowdhury.

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Duration of Dual Antiplatelet Therapy after Coronary Stenting

Gerasimos Siasos, Konstantinos Mourouzis, Evangelos Oikonomou, Manolis Vavuranakis, Georgia Vogiatzi, Alexandros Briasoulis, Nikolaos Papageorgiou, Theodore G. Papaioannou, Thodoris Zografos, Aggeliki Papapanagiotou, Athanasios G. Papavassiliou, Christodoulos Stefanadis and Dimitris Tousoulis.

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Determinants of Anti-Cancer Effect of Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain Inhibitors: Bioenergetic Profile and Metabolic Flexibility of Cancer Cells

Félix A. Urra, Boris Weiss-López and Ramiro Araya-Maturana.

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Neuronutrient Amino-Acid Therapy Protects Against Reward Deficiency Syndrome: Dopaminergic Key to Homeostasis and Neuroplasticity

Kenneth Blum, Marcelo Febo, Rajendra D. Badgaiyan, Eric R. Braverman, Kristina Dushaj, Mona Li, Sangmin You and Zsolt Demetrovics.

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Approaches to Improve Efficiency of Dendritic Cell-Based Therapy of High Grade Gliomas

Dimitry A. Chistiakov, Ivan V. Chekhonin, Olga I. Gurina, Yuri V. Bobryshev and Vladimir P Chekhonin.

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Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of PCOS

Enrico Carmina, Ettore Guastella and Rosa Alba Longo.

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Translational Insight Into Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) From Female Monkeys With PCOS-like Traits

David H. Abbott, Levine JE and Dumesic DA.

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Gut-Brain Axis and Metabolism in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Basak Ozgen Saydam and Bulent O Yildiz.

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Targeting the EGF/HER Ligand-Receptor System in Cancer

Azucena Esparís-Ogando, Juan Carlos Montero, Joaquín Arribas, Alberto Ocaña and Atanasio Pandiella.

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Targeted Nanosystems to Prostate Cancer

Luiz Cláudio Rodrigues Pereira da Silva, Flávia Almada do Carmo, Luiz Eurico Nasciutti, Patrícia Zancan, Plínio Cunha Sathler and Lucio Mendes Cabral.

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Latest Results for Anti-Angiogenic Drugs in Cancer Treatment

Sofie Frandsen, Sascha Kopp, Markus Wehland, Jessica Pietsch, Manfred Infanger and Daniela Grimm.

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Quinolones in the Search for New Anticancer Agents

Pedro Netto Batalha Netto Batalha, Maria Cecília Bastos Vieira de Souza, Eduardo Peña-Cabrera, David Cruz Cruz and Fernanda da Costa Santos Boechat.

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Do Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) Contribute to the Comorbidities of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?

Aleksandra Zofia Rutkowska and Evanthia Diamanti-Kandarakis.

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Insulin-Like Growth Factor 2 – The Oncogene and its Accomplices

Sonja M. Kessler, Johannes Haybaeck and Alexandra K Kiemer.

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Gastric Cancer: Nanoparticles as Tools to Improve Treatment Efficacy

Ariel R. Guerrero, Felipe Oyarzún-Ampuero, Natalia Hassan, Alejandro H. Corvalán, Andrew F.G. Quest and Marcelo J Kogan.

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The Influence of Tetracycline Inducible Targeting Rat PPARγ Gene Silencing on the Osteogenic and Adipogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells

Xiaobo Feng, Xianzhe Liu, Xianyi Cai, Tao Lin, Weihua Xu, Cao Yang, Yongwei Liu, Shuhua Yang and Dehao Fu.

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Gradually Expanding Scope for Biowaivers: An Overview

Vikrant Saluja, Amanpreet Singh and Adnan Mohammed Algradi.

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The Novel Antipsychotic Cariprazine (RGH-188): State-of-the-Art in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders

Domenico De Berardis.

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Lipid-Based Nanocarriers for Cutaneous Leishmaniais and Buruli Ulcer Management

Sandra Simões, Manuela Carvalheiro and Maria Manuela Gaspar.

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The 9p21 Locus and its Potential Role in Atherosclerosis Susceptibility; Molecular Mechanisms and Clinical Implications

Amir Tajbakhsh, Seyed Mahdi Hassanian, Mohammad Sadegh Khorrami, Alireza Pasdar, Ehsan Tabatabai, Seyed Mohammad Reza Parizadeh, Mostafa Fazeli, Sharareh Gholamin, Gordon A. Ferns, Majid Ghayour-Mobarhan and Amir Avan.

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Shear Stress-sensitive Carriers for Localized Drug Delivery

Xia Yu, Chun-Yang Shi, Wei Xiong, Xiao-Long Hou, Jian-Guo Fang and Wen-Qing Wang.

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Generalized Molecular Descriptors Derived From Event-Based Discrete Derivative

Oscar Martínez-Santiago, Reisel Millán Cabrera, Yovani Marrero-Ponce, Stephen J. Barigye, Huong Le-Thi-Thu, Javier F. Torres, Cesar H. Zambrano, Ivan Yaber-Goenaga, Maykel Cruz-Monteagudo, Yoan Martínez López, Facundo Perez and Francisco Torrens.

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