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Current Pharmaceutical Design

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Predictive Modeling of Ocular Pharmacokinetics and Adverse Effects

Leo Ghemtio, Henri Xhaard, Arto Urtti and Heidi Kidron.

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Polypharmacology in Precision Oncology: Current Applications and Future Prospects

Albert A. Antolin, Paul Workman, Jordi Mestres and Bissan Al-Lazikani.

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Identification of Useful Nanobodies by Phage Display of Immune Single Domain Libraries Derived from Camelid Heavy Chain Antibodies

Ema Romão, Francisco Morales-Yánez, Yaozhong Hu, Maxine Crauwels, Pieter De Pauw, Gholamreza Ghassanzadeh Hassanzadeh, Nick Devoogdt, Chloé Ackaert, Cécile Vincke and Serge Muyldermans.

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Therapeutic Antibodies by Phage Display

Hyunbo Shim.

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Unraveling Antibody Display: Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine

Luiz Ricardo Goulart, Paula Souza Santos, Ana Paula Carneiro, Barbara Brasil Santana, Antonio C. R. Valinotto and Thaise Gonçalves Araújo.

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Immunized Antibody Libraries: Manipulating The Diverse Immune Repertoire For Antibody Discovery

Theam Soon Lim and Soo Khim Chan.

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Intestinal dysbiosis, gut hyperpermeability and bacterial translocation: missing links between depression, obesity and type 2 diabetes?

Anastasiya Slyepchenko, Michael Maes, Rodrigo Machado-Veira, George Anderson, Marco Solmi, Yolanda Sanz, Michael Berk, Cristiano A. Köhler and André F Carvalho.

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Engineered autonomous human variable domains

Johan Nilvebrant, Peter M. Tessier and Sachdev S Sidhu.

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New Advances in the Study of IgE Drug Recognition

Ángela Martín-Serrano, Nekane Barbero, José A. Agundez, Yolanda Vida, Ezequiel Pérez-Inestrosa and María I Montañez.

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Pleiotropic effects of simvastatin on some calcium regulatory and myofibrillar proteins in ischemic/reperfused heart: causality of statins cardioprotection?

Adrian Szobi, Martin Lichy, Slavka Carnicka, Dezider Pancza, Pavel Svec, Tana Ravingerova and Adriana Adameova.

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An Updated Review of Iscoms TM and Iscomatrix TM Vaccines

Alexis Garcia and Diego Lema.

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The gut microbiota and the emergence of autoimmunity: Relevance to major psychiatric disorders

EG Severance, D Tveiten, LH Lindström, RH Yolken and KL Reichelt.

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The role of microbiota and intestinal permeability in the pathophysiology of autoimmune and neuroimmune processes with an emphasis on Inflammatory Bowel Disease Type 1 Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Gerwyn Morris, Michael Berk, André F. Carvalho, Javier R. Caso, Yolanda Sanz and Michael Maes.

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In silico systems pharmacology to assess drug's therapeutic and toxic effects

Alejandro Aguayo Orozco, Karine Audouze, Søren Brunak and Olivier Taboureau.

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Phage Display Derived IgNAR V Region Binding Domains for Therapeutic Development

Obinna C. Ubah, Caroline J. Barelle, Magdalena J. Buschhaus and Andrew J Porter.

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Asthma COPD Overlap Syndrome: An Approach to A Real -World Endotype in Obstructive Lung Disease?

Maria E. Laucho-Contreras, Maria Montes de Oca and Caroline A Owen.

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Organotin(IV) carboxylates as a promising potential drug candidates in the field of cancer chemotherapy

Muhammad Sirajuddin and Saqib Ali.

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From PK/PD to QSP: Understanding the Dynamic Effect of Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs on Atherosclerosis Progression and Stratified Medicine

Cesar Pichardo-Almarza and Vanessa Diaz-Zuccarini.

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Methods for Elucidation of DNA-Anticancer Drug Interactions and Their Applications in the Development of New Drugs

Majus Misiak, Francesco Mantegazza and Giovanni L Beretta.

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Genotype- or phenotype-targeting anticancer therapies? Lessons from tumor evolutionary biology

Alexandre E. Escargueil, Soizic Prado, Ambre Dezaire, Jean Clairambault, Annette K. Larsen and Daniele G Soares.

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Modeling Polypharmacological Profiles by Affinity Fingerprinting

Ágnes Peragovics, Zoltán Simon, András Málnási-Csizmadia and Andreas Bender.

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Cisplatin Analogues with an Increased Interaction with DNA: Prospects for Therapy

Megan E. Hardie, Hieronimus W. Kava and Vincent Murray.

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Emerging Role of G-quadruplex DNA as Target in Anticancer Therapy

Graziella Cimino-Reale, Nadia Zaffaroni and Marco Folini.

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Potential Role of Cardiovascular Imaging in Improving Cardiovascular Outcome in Coronary Artery Disease

Ines Valenta, Sahar Mirpour, Wael Marashdeh and Thomas H Schindler.

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Circulating microRNAs as novel potential diagnostic and prognosis biomarkers in pancreatic cancer

Safieh Ebrahimi, Faezeh Ghasemi, Seyed Mahdi Hassanian, Soodabeh Shahidsales, Ramin Mardani, Hamed Akbarzade, Seyed Mohammad Reza Parizadeh, Sharareh Gholamin, Anvar Soleimani, Majid Ghayour-Mobarhan and Amir Avan.

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Determing Effective Diabetic Care: A Multicentre - Longitudinal Interventional Study

Syed Wasif Gillani.

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A New Direction in Ophthalmic Development: Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Systems

Velichka Yordanova Andonova.

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Insulin-like growth factor-1, a potential predicative biomarker for postoperative delirium among elderly patients with open abdominal surgery

Huachun Shen, Yi Shao, Junping Chen and Jianrong Guo.

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Evaluation of the performance of an ophthalmic thermosensitive hydrogel containing combination of Suramin and Bevacizumab

Daniela Alejandra Quinteros, Emiliano Sebastián López, Juan Lucio Silva Couto, Belkys Angélica Maletto, Daniel Alberto Allemandi, Santiago Daniel Palma and Juan Eduardo Gallo.

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Solving the Blood-Brain Barrier Challenge for the Effective Treatment of HIV Replication in the Central Nervous System

Luc Bertrand, Madhavan Nair and Michal Toborek.

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Enkephalin-Fentanyl Multifunctional Opioids as Potential Neuroprotectants for Ischemic Stroke Treatment

Mohammad R. Islam, Li Yang, Yeon Sun Lee, Victor J. Hruby, Vardan T. Karamyan and Thomas J Abbruscato.

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Development of Novel miRNA-based Vaccines and Antivirals against Enterovirus 71

Isabel Yee Pinn Tsin and Poh Chit Laa.

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Polyphenol-Related Epigenetic Modifications in Osteoarthritis: Current Therapeutic Perspectives

Consuelo Arias, Tomás Zambrano, Dulcineia S.P. Abdalla and Luis A Salazar.

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The Influence of Tetracycline Inducible Targeting Rat PPARγ Gene Silencing on the Osteogenic and Adipogenic Differentiation of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells

Xiaobo Feng, Xianzhe Liu, Xianyi Cai, Tao Lin, Weihua Xu, Cao Yang, Yongwei Liu, Shuhua Yang and Dehao Fu.

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Gradually Expanding Scope for Biowaivers: An Overview

Vikrant Saluja, Amanpreet Singh and Adnan Mohammed Algradi.

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