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Volume 10, 4 Issues, 2014

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Current Pharmaceutical Analysis

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University of Cambridge

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The Effect of Albumin-Genotype on Lbuprofen Displacement of Nifedipine from its Binding Sites
Eman Atef and Ahmed S. Mehanna
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Application of Charge Transfer Reactions for the Quantitative Spectrophotometric Determination of Cyclophosphamide in Pure and Pharmaceutical Formulation
K. Siddappa and Prashant C. Hanamshetty
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Method Development & Validation of LCMS/MS for Atorvastatin and Olmesartan in Human Plasma to Trace Drug Interaction of Formulation
Rakesh Das and T. K. Pal
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Electrochemical Analysis of Cyanuric Acid Using Polyaniline/CuGeO3 Nanowires as Electrode Modified Materials
L. Z. Pei, H. D. Liu, N. Lin, Y. K. Xie and Z. Y. Cai
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High Sensitivity C-reactive protein and Cardiovascular Risk Prediction
Andreja Trpkovic, Julijana Stanimirovic, Ivana Resanovic, Petar Otasevic, Danimir Jevremovic, Radak Djordje and Esma R. Isenovic
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Development and Validation of a LC-MS/MS Method for the Quantification of a Novel Antitubercular Molecule S006-830 in Rat Plasma: application to Pharmacokinetic and Plasma Protein Binding Studies
Mahendra Kumar Hidau, Yeshwant Singh, Sudhir Shahi, Poojari Mounika and Shio Kumar Singh
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Simultaneous Determination of Antidiabetic Thiazolidinediones using Flow through Voltammetric Sensor
Lai-Hao Wang and Yan-Lin Song
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Analysis of Tocopherols and Tocotrienols in Pharmaceuticals and Foods:A critical review
Dan Lu, Yi Yang, Yongxin Li and Chengjun Sun
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Development and Validation of a TLC-Densitometry Method for Assay of Estradiol Hemihydrate in Tablets
Małgorzata Dołowy, Anna Kurowska and Alina Pyka
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