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Current Organic Chemistry

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Recent Advances in Copper-Catalyzed Oxidative Cross-Coupling Chemistry
C. Uma Maheswari, G. Sathish Kumar and K. Rajender Reddy
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Recent Progress in Design and Application of Functional Ordered/Periodic Mesoporous Silicas (OMSs) and Organosilicas (PMOs) as Catalyst Support in Carbon-Carbon Coupling Reactions
Babak Karimi, Fariborz Mansouri and Mojtaba Khorasani
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Palladium Deposited on Naturally Occurring Supports as a Powerful Catalyst for Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Reactions
Arash Ghaderi, Mohammad Gholinejad and Habib Firouzabadi
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New Synthesis of Isoindolo[2,1–b]isoquinolines. Preparation and Aqueous Bioavailability of its Silica Nanoparticles Hybrid System
Amelia Diaz, J. Manuel Lopez–Romero, Rafael Contreras-Caceres, Manuel Algarra, Rodrigo Rico and Maria Valpuesta
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Recent Advances in Adenylation Domain Enzymology in Nonribosomal Peptide Biosynthesis
Fumihiro Ishikawa and Hideaki Kakeya
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Recent Advances in the Development of Conducting Polymer Intercalated Clay Nanocomposites: A Short Review
Ufana Riaz, S. M.Ashraf and Anurakshi Verma
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Vinyl Azides as Versatile Synthons for the Synthesis of Nitrogen-containing Heterocycles
Hangcheng Ni, Guolin Zhang and Yongping Yu
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Drugs of Abuse and their Detection Methodologies: Contribution of Chemical Sensors
Sunil Kr. Jha, K. Hayashi and R. D.S Yadava
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Atomic Layers in Electrochemical Biosensing Applications – Graphene and Beyond
Manila Ozhukil Valappil, Subbiah Alwarappan and Tharangattu N. Narayanan
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Graphene Quantum Dots as Fluorescence Probes for Sensing Metal Ions: Synthesis and Applications
Jian Ju and Wei Chen
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Sensoring Strategies Using Quantum Dots: A Critical View
Gema M. Duran, Ana M. Contento and Angel Rios
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Field-Effect Transistors based on Organic and Carbon-Based Materials for Chemical and Biological Sensors
Joonwon Bae, Il Tae Kim and Jaehyun Hur
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Layer-by-Layer Approach for Design of Chemical Sensors and Biosensors
Ekaterina V. Skorb, Anna V. Volkova and Daria V. Andreeva
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The Chemistry of Nascent Oxacalix[n]hetarene (n≥4): A Review
Viren Mehta, Manthan Panchal, Krunal Modi, Anita Kongor, Urvi Panchal and V. K. Jain
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Design, Synthesis and Optoelectronic Properties of Aminoacid Derivatives of Poly(Arylene Ethynylene) Platforms. Hybrid Bio-Synthetic Systems for Sensoring Applications
Marco Chiarini, Antonella Ricci, Roberto Pizzoferrato, Saverio Santi and Claudio Lo Sterzo
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Applications Of Metal-Free 1,2,4-Triazole Derivatives In Materials Science
Angel Diaz-Ortiz, Pilar Prieto, Jose R. Carrillo, R. Martin and I. Torres
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Stable Synthetic Bacteriochlorins: Potent Light-Activated Anti-Cancer Drugs
Ying-Ying Huang, Dianzhong Luo and Michael R Hamblin
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Tailor made Ionic Liquids: Catalyst and Media for Organic Transformations
Prakash Chandra, Sandip S. Shinde and Ankush V. Biradar
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Silica-Supported Chiral Catalysts for Asymmetric Transfer Hydrogenation
Tanyu Cheng, Qiankun Zhao, Dacheng Zhang and Guohua Liu
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Ruthenium-Catalyzed C–H Activation and Coupling Reactions in Organic Synthesis
Arpad Molnar and Attila Papp
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Recent Progress in Metal-Mediated Trifluoroethylation
Jia-Bin Han, Jian-Hong Hao, Cheng-Pan Zhang and Hua-Li Qin
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Transition-Metal-Catalyzed Oxidative and Decarboxylative Acylations through sp2 C–H Bond Activation
Satyasheel Sharma, Neeraj Kumar Mishra, Youngmi Shin and In Su Kim
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Anti-Cancer and Anti-Angiogenic Properties of Various Natural Pentacyclic Triterpenoids and some of their Chemical Derivatives
Eva E. Rufino-Palomares, Amalia Perez-Jimenez, Fernando J. Reyes-Zurita, Leticia Garcia-Salguero, Khalida Mokhtari, Antonio Herrera-Merchan, Pedro P. Medina, Juan Peragón and Jose A. Lupianez
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Recent Developments of Platimum-based Anticancer Drugs- Detection and Analysis in Biological Samples
Ping Lu, Yanjiao Li and Deyu Hu
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Strategies and Methods for the Synthesis of Anti-Cancer Natural Product Neopeltolide and Its Analogs
Yu Bai and Mingji Dai
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Covalently Linked Free-Base and Metallo-Bis-Porphyrins: Chemistry and diversity
Mohmmad Younus Wani, Avula Balakrishna, Santosh Kumar and Abilio J.F.N Sobral
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Current state of natural polymers applications for drug delivery
Bezirtzoglou, Veronica Lazar and Alexandra Bolocan
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