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Volume 11, 6 Issues, 2015

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Current Nanoscience

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A Model to Improve Analysis of CNTFET Logic Gates in Verilog-A - Part II: Dynamic Analysis
Gennaro Gelao, Roberto Marani, Luciano Pizzulli and Anna Gina Perri
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Recent Advances in Ultrafast Fiber Lasers Mode-locked with Graphene-based Saturable Absorbers
Grzegorz Sobon
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Near-Infrared Light Responsive Upconversion Nanoparticles for Imaging, Drug Delivery and Therapy of Cancers
Aiguo Wu
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Silica Optical Fibers Doped with Nanoparticles for Fiber Lasers and Broadband Sources
Ivan Kasik
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Enzyme-Responsive Nanoparticles for Anti-Cancer Drug Delivery
Zhiqiang Yu
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Bridging ‘Green’ with Nanoparticles: Biosynthesis Approaches for Cancer Management and Targeting of Cancer Stem Cells
Sreelekha T.T.
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Incorporation of Silver Nanoparticles in Film forming Materials for Long Term Antimicrobial Action
Madalina Pica
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Nafion/Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Composite Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode for Sensitive Determination of Bilirubin
Hayati Filik
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Bio-Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Water Extract of Satureja Hortensis L and Evaluation of the Antibacterial Properties
Sajjad Sedaghat
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Associative Memory Function Found on Phase-Change Nanoscale Device
Lei Wang
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Strong and Broad Visible Emission of Bismuth Doped Nano-Phase Separated Yttria-Alumina-Silica Optical Fibers
Shyamal K. Bhadra
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Wrinkles and Wrinklons in Graphene and Graphene Nanoribbons under Strain
Kun Zhou
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Recent Progress of Perovskite Solar Cells
Shirong Wang
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Performance Enhancement of Silicon Anode for Lithium Ion Battery
Wei Pan
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Nanostructure Engineering of ZnO Based Complex Oxides for Thermoelectric Application
Xin Liang
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Nanoscaled Martensitic Domains in Ferroelastic Systems: Strain Glass
Dong Wang
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A Review: Nanofabrication of Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) Substrates
Hao Li
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Biofabrication of Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanosheets using Terminalia Bellirica Fruit Extract
Badal Kumar Mandal
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Nano-Materials for Non-Enzymatic Glucose Sensors
Jie Su, Honghui Shu, Gang Chang, Yuting Zhang, Yingying Zhou, Tiantian Xia, Hongmei Jia and Yunbin He
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Single-Molecule Sensing of Biomolecular Interactions on DNA Nanostructures
Ting Zhang, John Collins and Jinglin Fu
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A Review on Electrospun Nanofibers-Based Electrochemical Sensor
Lili Li, Pui Mun Lee, Guocheng Yang and Erjia Liu
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Fluorescent Film Sensors Based on Fluorescent Gold and Silver Nanoclusters
Tong Shu, Jianxing Wang, Xuqin Li, Xueji Zhang and Lei Su
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Review on the Application of Zero-Valent Iron Nanocomposites for Environmental Remediation
Xiangyang Shi
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Protons Irradiation Induced Coalescence of Silver Nanowires
Ishaq Ahmad
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Improved Symmetric Supercapacitive Performance of Binder-Free PANI/Carbon Fiber Composites
M. Kundu
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Mesoscopic Solar Cell Sensitization: from Dye to Organometal Perovskite
Shuai Chang and Tao Chen
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Conducting and Biopolymer Based Electrospun Nanofiber Membranes for Wound Healing Applications
Mohammad Rezaul Karim
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Equilibrium and Dynamic Profiles of Azo Dye Sorption onto Innovative Nano-zinc Oxide Biocomposite
Hassan H. Shokry
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