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Current Medicinal Chemistry

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Melatonin, Its Metabolites And Its Synthetic Analogs As Multi-Faceted Compounds: Antioxidant, Prooxidant And Inhibitor Of Bioactivation Reactions
Hande Gurer-Orhana and Sibel Suzen
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The Role Of P2X Receptors In Bone Biology
Niklas Rye Jorgensen, Susanne Syberg and Maria Ellegaard
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P2X Receptors in the Cardiovascular System and their Potential as Therapeutic Targets in Disease
Vera Ralevic
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Medicinal Chemistry Of P2X Receptors: Agonists And Orthosteric Antagonists
Catia Lambertucci, Diego Dal Ben, Michela Buccioni, Gabriella Marucci, Ajiroghene Thomas and Rosaria Volpini
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Biodegradation Aspects of Carbendazim and Sulfosulfuron: Trends, Scope and Relevance
Ridhima Arya, Rohit Sharma, Manju Malhotra, Vinod Kumar and Anil K. Sharma
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Oleanolic Acid And Related Triterpenoids From Olives On Vascular Function: Molecular Mechanisms And Therapeutic Perspectives
Rosalia Rodriguez-Rodriguez
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Flavonoids And Dementia: An Update
Ilkay Erdogan Orhan, Maria Daglia, Seyed Fazel Nabavi, Monica Rosa Loizzo, Eduardo Sobarzo-Sánchez and Seyed Mohammad Nabavi
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Maria Vincenza Chiantore, Giorgio Mangino, Maria Simona Zangrillo, Marco Iuliano, Elisabetta Affabris, Gianna Fiorucci and Giovanna Romeo
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Involvement Of The P2X7 Purinergic Receptor In Inflammation: An Update Of Antagonists Series Since 2009 And Their Promising Therapeutic Potential
Davy Baudelet, Emmanuelle Lipka, Régis Millet and Alina Ghinet
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Benzothiazoles - Scaffold Of Interest For CNS Targeted Drugs
Lukas Hroch, Laura Aitken, Ondrej Benek, Martin Dolezal, Kamil Kuca, Frank Gunn-Moore and Kamil Musilek
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Synthesis Of Pyrido-Annelated Seven-Membered N-Containing Heterocycles
Koen Muylaert, Martyna Jatczak, Sven Mangelinckx and Christian V. Stevens
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Dis-Organizing Centrosomal Clusters: Specific Cancer Therapy For A Generic Spread?
Dipita Bhakta Guha, Mohamed E. M. Saeed, Henry Johannes Greten and Thomas Efferth
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Bacterial β-Ketoacyl-Acyl Carrier Protein Synthase III (FabH) as a Target for Novel Antibacterial Agents Design
Xiaoyun Lu, Jian Tang, zhang zhang and Ding Ke
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Multi-Kinase Inhibitors
Laura Garuti, Marinella Roberti and Giovanni Bottegoni
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Tissue-Specific Glucocorticoid Signaling May Determine The Resistance Against Glucocorticoids In Autoimmune Diseases
Ágnes Szappanos, Zsolt Nagy, Balázs Kovács, Gyula Poór, Miklós Tóth, Károly Rácz, Emese Kiss and Attila Patócs
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Progress and Issues of the Genome-Wide Association Study for Hypertension
Shuo Pan, Hiromu Naruse and Tomohiro Nakayama
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Caffeine As A Lead Compound For The Design Of Therapeutic Agents For The Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease
Jacobus P. Petzer and Anél Petzer
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Medicinal Chemistry of P2X Receptors: Allosteric Modulators
Christa E. Müller
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P2X Receptors and Inflammation
Francesco Di Virgilio
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Oxidative Stress Drivers And Modulators In Obesity And Cardiovascular Disease: From Biomarkers To Therapeutic Approach
Francesca Santilli, Maria Teresa Guagnano, Natale Vazzana, Sara La Barba and Giovanni Davì
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Key Sites for P2X Receptor Function and Multimerization: Overview of Mutagenesis Studies on a Structural Basis
Ralf Hausmann, Achim Kless and Günther Schmalzing
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Recent Advances Of P53-Mdm2 Small Molecule Inhibitors (2011-Present)
Peng-Cheng Lv, Juan Sun and Hai-Liang Zhu
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Oxidative stress and post-stroke depression: possible therapeutic role of polyphenols?
Seyed Fazel Nabavi, Olivia M. Dean, Alyna Turner, Antoni Sureda, Maria Daglia and Seyed Mohammad Nabavi
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Neuronanomedicine - (Part II)
Wei-Yi Ong and Eng-Ang Ling
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Should the Incorporation of Structural Alerts be Restricted in Drug Design? An Analysis of Structure-Toxicity Trends with Aniline-Based Drugs
Amit S. Kalgutkar
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Role of microRNAs in osteoblasts differentiation and bone disorders
Yasir Arfat, Wei-Zhong Xiao, Munazza Ahmad, Fan Zhao, Di-Jie Li, Yu-Long Sun, Lifang Hu, Chen Zhihao, Ge Zhang, Peng Shang and Ai-Rong Qian
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Involvement of Cysteine Proteases in Cancer
Jerzy Góra and Rafał Latajka
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GABAA Receptor Subtype Selectivity of Novel Bicuculline Derivatives
Joachim Ramerstorfer, Verena Foppa, Hanna Thiery, Philippe Hermange, Simon Janody, Michael L. Berger, Robert H Dodd and Werner Sieghart
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P2X Receptors and Diabetes
Carmen Fotino, Andrea Vergani, Paolo Fiorina and Antonello Pileggi
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Purinergic P2X Receptors: Structural and Functional Features Depicted by X-Ray and Molecular Modelling Studies
Leanne Grimes and Mark T Young
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Current Developments in Antimicrobial Surface Coatings for Biomedical Applications
J. J.T.M. Swartjes, P. K. Sharma, T. G. van Kooten, H. C. van der Mei, M. Mahmoudi, H. J. Busscher and E. T.J. Rochford
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PARP1: a promising target for the development of PARP1-based candidates for anticancer intervention
Yongzhou Hu
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Redox-active and redox-silent compounds: synergistic therapeutics in cancer
Marco Tomasetti, Lory Santarelli, Renata Alleva, Lan-Feng Dong and Jiri Neuzil
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Gauging Reactive Metabolites in Drug-Induced Toxicity
Marsha R. Eno and Michael D. Cameron
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Title Body mass index, lipid metabolism and estrogens: their impact on coronary heart disease
Genovefa D. Kolovou, Vana Kolovou, Peggy M. Kostakou and Sophie Mavrogeni
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Novel Nor-Homo- and Spiro-Oxetan- Steroids Target the Human Androgen Receptor and Act as Antiandrogens
Marie Thiele, Sebastian Rabe, Wiebke Hessenkemper, Daniela Roell, Sophie Bartsch, Florian Kraft, Tsion E. Abraham, Adriaan B. Houtsmuller, Martin E. van Royen, Athanassios Giannis and Aria Baniahmad
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Tumor Antigen-Derived Peptides Delivery for Cancer Immunotherapy
Ma Wenxue
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Interaction of Crotamine and Protamine, Small Cationic Peptides, With The Retinal Spreading Depression
EmptyYN="Y" Fernandes de Lima V M, P Spencer and W Hanke
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Editorial: Current status and progress of radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging and targeted therapy
Junbo Zhang
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On the Physiological Role of Cytosolic 5’-Nucleotidase II (Cn-II): Pathological and Therapeutical Implications
Maria Grazia Tozzi, Rossana Pesi and Simone Allegrini
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The role of soluble 5`-nucleotidases in the conversion of nucleotide analogs. Metabolic and therapeutic aspects
Andrzej C Składanowski
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The Enzymology of Cytosolic Pyrimidine 5’-Nucleotidases: Functional Analysis and Physiopathological Implications
Giulio Magni, Adolfo Amici and Giuseppe Orsomando
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5'-Nucleotidases, Nucleosides and their Distribution in the Brain: Pathological and Therapeutic Implications
Zsolt Kovács, Árpád Dobolyi, Katalin A. Kékesi and Gábor Juhász
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Therapeutic Perspectives for CN-II in Cancer
Lars Petter Jordheim
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Enzymatic Properties and Physiological Roles of Cytosolic 5’-Nucleotidase II
Roichi Itoh
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Is The Expression Of Deoxynucleoside Kinases And 5´-Nucleotidases In Animal Tissues Related To The Biological Effects Of Nucleoside Analogs?
Staffan Eriksson
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Editorial “ Metabolic, pathological, and therapeutic perspectives intracellular 5’-nucleotidases”
Piero Luigi Ipata
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