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Volume 20, 10 Issues, 2017

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Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening

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Upcoming Articles (E-Pub Abstracts ahead of Print)

Anticancer Properties of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Zhaokun Yan, Zijun Lai and Jiumao Lin.

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Molecular modeling and dynamics simulation analysis of KATNAL1 for identification of novel inhibitor of sperm maturation

Kishore Sarma, Shubhadeep Roychoudhury, Sudipta Sankar Bora, Budheswar Dehury, Pratap Parida, Saurav Das, Robin Das, Chandrajit Dohutia, Sangeeta Nath, Bibhas Deb and Mahendra K Modi.

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Recent advances in developing photosensitizers for photodynamic cancer therapy

Cong Chen, Jianmin Wang, Xiaoyan Li, Xiaolong Liu and Xiao Han.

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Phytochemicals - A Novel and Prominent Source of Anti-cancer Drugs against Colorectal Cancer

Ravikiran Mahadevappa and Hang Fai Kwok.

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New imidazole-based compounds active against Trypanosoma cruzi

Oluyomi Stephen Adeyemi, Maria Teresa Molina, Abiodun Omokehinde Eseola, Cristina Fonseca-Berzal and Alicia Gomez-Barrio.

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DephosSitePred: a high accuracy predictor for protein dephosphorylation sites

Cangzhi Jia, Wenying He and Quan Zou.

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Synthesis of spiro indole-2-ons using three component reactions of N-alkylisatins and triphenylphosphonium intermediates

Ali Varasteh Moradi.

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Development of a Web-enabled SVR-based Machine Learning Platform and Its Application on Modeling Transgene Expression Activity of Aminoglycoside-derived Polycations

Zhuo Zhen, Thrimoorthy Potta, Nicholas A. Lanzillo, Kaushal Rege and Curt M Breneman.

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Predicting citrullination sites in protein sequences using mRMR method and random forest algorithm

Qing Zhang, Xijun Sun, Kaiyan Feng, ShaoPeng Wang, Yu-Hang Zhang, SiBao Wang, Lin Lu and Yu-Dong Cai.

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Drug repurposing in anticancer reagent development

Peng-chen Chen, Xaiolong Liu and Yao Lin.

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Developmental Phases of Anticancer Screening Models

Khaldoon Alsamman and Omar S El-masry.

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Recoverable nanocatalyst for the preparation of 2-amino-5,10-dihydro-5,10-dioxo-4H-benzo[g]chromenes and tetrahydrobenzo[g]quinoline-5,10-diones

Mohammad Ali Ghasemzadeh, Zahra Elyasi, Mina Azimi-Nasrabad and Boshra Mirhosseini-Eshkevari.

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Ligand Based-Pharmacophore Modeling And Extended Bioactivity Prediction For Salinosporamide A, B And C From Marine Actinomycetes Salinispora Tropica

Kesavan Dineshkumar, Aparna Vasudevan and Waheeta Hopper.

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A two-layer model to identify hepatitis B virus related chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis based on plasma microRNA biomarkers

Ting Hou, Zhen Wang, Wenjing Jin, Chenglin Liu, Xiangying Sun, Ning Li, Yonghong Zhang, Yu Chen, Weihong Zhang and Yixue Li.

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Inferring Alcoholism SNPs and Regulatory Chemical Compounds Based on Ensemble Bayesian Network

Huan Chen, Jiatong Sun, Hong Jiang, Xianyue Wang, Lingxiang Wu, Wei Wu and Qh Wang.

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Analysis and prediction of myristoylation sites using the mRMR method, the IFS method and an extreme learning machine algorithm

ShaoPeng Wang, Yu-Hang Zhang, Guohua Huang, Lei Chen and Yu-Dong Cai.

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In-Silico Evidence for Binding of Pentacyclic Triterpenoids to Keap1-Nrf2 Protein-Protein Binding Site

Sarika M. Kamble, Harun M. Patel, Sameer N. Goyal, Malleshappa N. Noolvi, Umesh B. Mahajan, Shreesh Ojha and Chandragouda R Patil.

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