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Volume 20, 42 Issues, 2014

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Current Pharmaceutical Design

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"Current Pharmaceutical Design is a necessity for scientists working in the multidisciplinary fields encompassing the areas of drug design and discovery."

Annette M. Doherty
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Current Pharmaceutical Design


Volume 20


Number 42

Combining Oncolytic Virotherapy and Cytotoxic Therapies to Fight Cancer

; Pp: 6513 - 6521

Cristina Fillat, Maria Victoria Maliandi, Ana Mato-Berciano and Ramon Alemany

DOI: 10.2174/1381612820666140826152420
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Anti-Metastatics: An Overview of Drug Candidates in Current Pipelines

; Pp: 6522 - 6528

Anne Schaap-Nutt, Dane A. Thyssen, David W. Drell and Frank Entschladen

DOI: 10.2174/1381612820666140826152610
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NCRNA Combined Therapy as Future Treatment Option for Cancer

; Pp: 6565 - 6574

Cornelia Braicu, Cristina Catana, George A. Calin and Ioana Berindan-Neagoe

DOI: 10.2174/1381612820666140826153529
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Macrophages in Immunopathology of Atherosclerosis: a Target for Diagnostics and Therapy

Alexander N. Orekhov, Igor A. Sobenin, Mikhail A. Gavrilin, Alexei Gratchev, Svetlana Y. Kotyashova, Nikita G. Nikiforov and Julia Kzhyshkowska

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Modular Nanotransporters for Targeted Intracellular Delivery of Drugs: Folate Receptors as Potential Targets

Tatiana A. Slastnikova, Andrey A. Rosenkranz, Michael R. Zalutsky and Alexander S. Sobolev

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Assessment and Relevance of Carotid Intima-Media Thickness (C-IMT) in Primary and Secondary Cardiovascular Prevention

Alessio Ravani, José Pablo Werba, Beatrice Frigerio, Daniela Sansaro, Mauro Amato, Elena Tremoli and Damiano Baldassarre

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Mutations of Mitochondrial DNA in Atherosclerosis and Atherosclerosis-Related Diseases

Igor A. Sobenin, Andrey V. Zhelankin, Konstantin Y. Mitrofanov, Vasily V. Sinyov, Margarita A. Sazonova, Anton Y. Postnov and Alexander N. Orekhov

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Overview of Green Tea Interaction with Cardiovascular Drugs

José P. Werba, Shingen Misaka, Monica G. Giroli, Shizuo Yamada, Viviana Cavalca, Keisuke Kawabe, Isabella Squellerio, Federica Laguzzi, Satomi Onoue, Fabrizio Veglia, Veronika Myasoedova, Kazuhiko Takeuchi, Eisuke Adachi, Naoki Inui, Elena Tremoli and Hiroshi Watanabe

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Editorial: New technological and clinical trends in blood pressure theranostics: Is it time to consider a spatio-temporal approach?

Theodore G. Papaioannou, Manolis Vavuranakis, Dimitris Tousoulis and Christodoulos Stefanadis

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Telemonitoring in the management of high blood pressure

Brian Mc Kinstry, Janet Hanley and Steff Lewis

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Poly-pharmacy among the Elderly: Analyzing the Co-morbidity of Hypertension and Diabetes

Michela Franchini, Stefania Pieroni, Loredana Fortunato, Sabrina Molinaro and Michael Liebman

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Bedtime Hypertension Chronotherapy: Concepts and Patient Outcomes

Michael H. Smolensky, Ramon C. Hermida, Diana E. Ayala and Francesco Portaluppi

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Antihypertensive drug treatment and circadian blood pressure rhythm: a review of the role of chronotherapy in hypertension

Giuseppe Schillaci, Francesca Battista, Laura Settimi, Luca Schillaci and Giacomo Pucci

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Christian Hocht, Julieta Sofia Del Mauro, Facundo Martin Bertera and Carlos Alberto Taira

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Milestones in antihypertensive drug treatment

Gregory Tsoucalas, Marianna Karamanou, Manolis Vavuranakis, Marcos Sgantzos, Christodoulos Stefanadis and Georgios Androutsos

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Central hemodynamics for risk reduction strategies: additive value over and above brachial blood pressure

Elisa R. Rinaldi, Alexandra Yannoutsos, Claudio Borghi, Michel E. Safar and Jacques Blacher

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